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Answer the following questions.


1) What types of molds do you know?

2) What parts does a metal mold consist of?

3) When are the two parts of the mold joined?

4) Are the permanent molds practical for the production of large-size casings?

5) What molds (metal or sand) are cheaper?


Match the words into the pair of synonyms.


to remove, to employ, permanent mold, carbon, to construct, melting point, generally, to use, metal mold, to form, usually, to take out, graphite, melting temperature


From the pairs of antonyms.


high to join inside simple difficult outside low to disjoin


Match the words and their translations.


to cast metal, cast metal, metal casting
литейный металл, отливать металл, литьё металла


mold, to mold, molder, molding
формовать, формовщик, форма, формование


Translate Russian phrases into English using the words in the right column. Translate complete sentences.


1) The (внутренняя поверхность) of the mold must be covered with graphite.   2)Cores are used to make a (полость) in the casting.   3) Casting must not (прилипать) to the inside of the mold.   4) Permanent molds are usually employed for making castings of simple (формы). а. surface b. inside  
a. hollow b. cavity
а. to join b. to stick  
а. mold b. shape
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