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Ex. 2. Fill in the gaps with the type of the film.

1. A movie that makes you laugh is _________________.

2. A movie that makes you scream is ________________.

3. A movie that is exciting with lots of guns and explosions is an ____________movie.

4. Movies about future or space are known as _____________films.

5. A movie about real life is ___________.

6. An _______________film has cartoon characters.

7. A film about lots of travelling and exciting or dangerous events is ______________.

8. A film about love is _____________.


Ex. 3. A) Read the news. The words written in bald have few meanings. How do you think, what is their meaning in these sentences?

euronews Chile’s minister of Mines has been in touch with trapped miners by telephone, through a narrow shaft piercing the 700 meters of rock straight down. The leader underground said the men were well, and they cheered and sang the national anthem. Rock- 1) (n) the hard substance which the Earth is made of. 2) (n) a small piece of rock that had broken away from a mountain or a cliff. 3) (n) loud music with a strong beat that is played using instruments including electric guitars and drums.
euronews Drilling to begin on shaft to rescue trapped miners. A new video of Chile’s trapped miners has beenbroadcast showing the 33 men, sending greetings to their families.   Trap- 1) (n) a device for catching animals. 2) (v) to trick you so that you do or say something which you did not want to. 3) (v) when something falls onto you or blocks your way, preventing you from moving.
euronews In Chile four survivors of a plane crash in the Ands Mountains 38 years ago have arrived at the mine where 33 miners have been trapped. They met with the families to offer them encouragement and support for the ordeal ahead. Survive – 1) (v) not to die 2) (v) to manage to continue in spite of the difficult circumstances 3) (v) (to survive someone) – to continue to live after they have died
euronews The 33 trapped Chilean miners were able to communicate with their loved ones on Saturday (September 4) through a video teleconference system. Silvia Segovia, whose brother is among the trapped miners, said that she was happy her brother seemed to be in good condition Communicate – 1) (v) (with someone) - to give them information 2) (v) to talk to each other 3) (v) to make someone aware of idea or feeling to them.
euronews Thirty-three trapped Chilean miners were able to watch the Chilean national squad’s friendly against the Ukraine over a fiberoptic line   Squad- 1) (n) a section of a police force that is responsible for dealing with a particular type of crime 2) (n) group of players from which a sports team will be chosen 3) (n) a small group of soldiers.
euronews The arrivalof Esperanza, a baby girl at the Copiapo maternity clinic has, quite literally, given hope to one of the 33 trapped miners in Chile. Arrival - 1) (n) your arriving at a place is the act of arriving there. 2) (n)beginning to exist or become available 3) (n) someone who just arrived at a place.
euronews Rescue workers in Chile could be just a day away from reaching 33 trapped miners. A drill known as Plan B is said to be less than 100 meters from the men.   Drill - 1) (n) a tool for making holes 2) (v) to make a hole using a drill 3) (n) a procedure which a group of people especially soldiers, practice so they can do something quickly and efficiently.
euronews The operation to rescue the 33 trapped miners in Chile has begun successfully. Florencio Avalos was the first to be pulled out of the San Jose mine, shortly after midnight local time. Mario Sepulveda followed him to the surface about an hour later. The third miner, Juan Illanes has just reached the surface. Mine - 1) (pron.) The first person singular possessive pronoun. 2) (n) a place where deep holes or tunnels are dug under the ground in order to extract minerals. 3) (n) A bomb hidden in the ground or in water which explodes when something touches it.
euronews The operation to rescue the trapped miners in Chile has been a complete success. All 33 men have reached the surface safely. The rescue team has also made the trip to the surface. The last man to leave was the first who went down to the miners, Manuel Gonzalez. Surface - 1) (n) – the top part of something or the outside of it. 2) (n) The surface of the situation is what can be seen easily rather than what is not immediately obvious. 3) (v) to come up to the surface of the water.

B) Answer the questions:

Who are the heroes of the news? What happened to the miners? How do you think, what has left behind the official news?

C) Pairwork. Do tasks and act out your story in front of your classmates:

- Make up a dialogue about a story with the trapped miners. Imagine that you are:

a) a miner that was trapped under the ground;

b) a miner’s wife;

c) a rescuer.

- What would you feel and how would you act?

Ex. 4. Write a fake news story with the headline, “Man Eats 20 Light Bulbs and Asks for More”.

Ex. 5. Watch the video about the attitude of British to mass media and compare all you’ve learnt with our people.http://busyteacher.org/10394-the-media.html(4:40 min)

Ex. 6. Watch the video about George and Aidan in a competition in Britain’s Got Talenthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SogBz3aAle0 (6:21 min) and answer the question ‘WHO IS BETTER?’


1. How old is he?

a) 13 b) 14 c) 15

2. What does he do?

a) He works b) He plays the guitar c) He dances

3. What was his goal in the first audition?

a) To achieve a better life for his family b) To become famous c) For fun

4. How did he do in his first audition?

a) He did well b) He did bad c) He did awful

5. What does he have now in his second audition?

a) More friends b) Bigger and better moves c) Bigger and better mood

6. Where does he dance to get better?

a) At home b) In the streets of Manchester c) At school

7. What does he look now?

a) Much taller b) Much fatter c) Much better

8. What did he do last summer?

A) He trained harder and “got bigger and better” b) He played Hide and Seek c) He practiced a little


9. Did he take dance classes?

a)Yes b) He didn’t say c) No

10. Where does he practice?

a) In his house/in his room b) In a friend’s house c) In the streets of London

11. How old is he?

a) 11 b) 10 c) 9

12. Why did he enter the competition?

a) He just likes dancing b) To make money c) To make new friends

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