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Методические подходы к анализу финансового состояния предприятия

Проблема периодизации русской литературы ХХ века. Краткая характеристика второй половины ХХ века

Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

Служебные части речи. Предлог. Союз. Частицы




I. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения. Определите видовременную форму и залог сказуемого.

А) Действительный залог

The importance of scientific research is growing with every day.

A group of seven engineers has worked out the technology for producing a

New alloy.

3. There are only two kinds of energy transfer – wave motion and particle


4. By that time Niels Bohr had already accepted Rutherford’s model of the atom.

B) Страдательный залог

The data of the latest research in this field of science are often referred to.

Gold is not affected by moisture.

The laboratory of our Institute was given a new task.

II. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения. Определите функции причастий ( Participle I, Participle II ).

The only force acting on a freely falling body in vacuum is gravity.

When placed over a fire, a substance becomes hot.

Steam is usually generated in a boiler heated by fire.

While studying the properties of electrons atomic physicists solved many

Other problems.

III. Перепишите и письменно переведите предложения с модальными глаголами и их эквивалентами.

Radio waves can be used for different purposes.

Ultra-violet radiation may produce ionization.

They will be able to create the necessary conditions in the laboratory.

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