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A Work with a partner to discuss the following.

§ Do you prefer to go abroad for your holidays or stay in your own country?

§ What kinds of places do you like to visit on holiday?

§ If you could travel anywhere in the world for your holiday, where would you go? Why?


4b You will hear four young people being interviewed on a radio holiday programme. As you listen, write down which statement ( a-e) each speaker (1-4) makes. There is one statement you do not need. Track 13.

a I’ve always enjoyed going to different places. ___

b I’ve always been afraid of flying. ___

c I always go on holiday with my parents. ___

d I don’t like spending too much money on a holiday. ___

e I like dancing and having a good time. ___

4c In pairs, find out from each other the following information about your summer holidays. Make a note of your partner’s answers.

§ favourite / usual holiday destination

§ usual means of travelling there

§ length of time spent there

§ activities to do there

§ holiday companions

§ type of food eaten

§ feelings about the holiday


4d Now find another partner and report what you first partner said. Use the verbs say and tell, and don’t forget to make all the other necessary changes, for example, to the tenses.

5. Listening

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