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Post-reading activities

2c Which decade do the following statements go with?


1 People in the USA thought that Microsoft was top company.

2 The company started making software abroad.

3 Sales of one particular product were very good.

4 Microsoft helped people after the terrible events in the Indian Ocean.

5 Gates and Allen started the company.

6 Microsoft became more interested in selling computers to people than to companies.

7 Microsoft had problems in Europe.



2d Find words in the text that mean:

1 an idea that you think is true

2 the programs that a computer uses to do different jobs

3 gave most of its time or attention to this

4 an area of land where company (or university) buildings are

5 a short, clever phrase that is used in advertising

6 made a new product available


E Using your own words answer the questions.

· How did Microsoft change between 1975 and 2007?

· What do you think were the three most important years for Microsoft?

3. Language skills

A Make questions about the start of the Italian company Fiat. Then listen and check your questions and answers to them.

1 When / Fiat / set up? When was Fiat set up?

2 Where / cars / test / in the early years?

3 When / car adverts / aim / at women for the first time?

4 Which newspaper / buy / by Fiat in 1926, Corriere della Sera or La Stampa?

5 What / set up / in the late 1920s?

6 Where / Fiat cars / construct / in the early 1930s?

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