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The fox and the goat. (Correspondence part)

Olympiad in English

(Correspondence part)

Form 6


1. Name the part of speech each word belongs to: verb, noun, adjective, adverb. Write the words into four columns


Kind, develop, action, happily, movement, active, arrive, friendship, player, regularly, dictation, remember, naturally, education, impossible, agree, thinker, popular, bad, wonderful, traditionally.


Make up sentences using the words


Born, Y. Kupala, was, 1882, in

Was, discovered, Columbus, by, America

In, the, were, held, first, Greece, Games, Olympic

The, movement, was, Earth, of, proved, the, scientist, the, by

Cities, many, held, were, in, Olympic, the, Games

First, the, made, telescope, was, Galileo, by

Facts, known, these, to, scientists, the ancient, were

Was, in, London, 1666, by, completely, fire, destroyed


Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences of the story

The fox and the goat

One hot summer day a fox was very thirsty. He was -1- some water to drink. At last he ran up to an old well. The water was out of his reach. When he was trying to get the water he -2- into the well. The water was not deep, and he began to drink at once. When he was not thirsty any more, he tried to get -3-. But the sides of the well were high, and he -4- not -5- the top. Some time later he heard a noise. That was a goat who came to the well. The goat saw the fox and asked: “What -6- down there?”. “Oh, I -7- the water. It`s -8- fresh come down here”. The goat was -9- to listen to the fox, and jumped down. When the goat was in the well, the fox climbed up the goat`s back and got out of the well. Then he turned round and went away.


A well - колодец, silly - глупый

-1- a) looking after c) looking at
  b) looking for d) looking into
-2- a) fell c) failed
  b) fall d) was falling
-3- a) from c) off
  b) out of d) out
-4- a) might c) shall
  b) could d) will
-5- a) get c) reach
  b)approach to d) come up
-6- a) you are doing c) did you do
  b) do you do d) are you doing
-7- a) drink c) am drinking
  b) drank d) am drunk
-8- a) so c) such
  b) enough d) much
-9- a) silly enough c) silly very much
  b) enough silly d) so silly


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