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Subjective Infinitive Construction:

1. Last month the President suffered a mild stroke from which he is reported to be recovering well.

Месяц назад президент перенес микроинсульт, однако сообщают, что сейчас он идет на поправку.

2. The US government is well known to have been persistently conducting a foreign policy aimed at a reduction of the strategic attack weapons and their complete liquidation.

3. The coalition government to be appointed by the Premier is expected to give the interior and defense ministers to the centrists.

4. The new Prime Minister is expected to reform Poland’s system of property to move it toward a mixed economy including a capitalist sector.

5. Peace talks between the Sudan’s military leaders and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Ethiopia this week-end are unlikely to reach agreement, the rebel radio said.

6. The warnings are now shown to have been fully justified: thousands of workers will get the sack.

7. Making people pay for the amount of water they use is likely to encourage people to cut down on their consumption.

8. Further troop reinforcements are reported to have been brought in during the last three days.

9. So far the Prime Minister is said to have achieved half a success only.

10. The BBC is considered to play an important role in world news broadcasting.

11. He is understood to have held top administrative posts in the previous administrations.

12. The police arrested a man who is stated to have been trying to sell the miniature and is said to have confessed to having stolen it.

13. Fresh from re-election victory, the French President appeared yesterday to be trying to form a centrist government rather than immediately call new elections.

14. The Russian President scored diplomatic and popular triumphs in London. Steps which he is expected to make are an attempt to come to a mutually-beneficial agreement.

15. India is known to possess such metals as copper, tin, lead, zinc, but they are poorly prospected as yet. The country appears to have been acquainted with iron and steel from an early age.

16. The new Strasbourg assembly is expected to have almost doubled the 20 green members that it had before the elections.

17. Three Palestinians were reported to have died as a result of Israeli army actions yesterday – two from wounds sustained in previous clashes and one shot in the heart yesterday.

18. The US President’s address to the assembled press outside 10 Downing Street yesterday appeared to have been a success.

19. Recently the US plans in that part of the world seemed to have assumed a new character and to have become more aggressive.

20. The meeting, which lasted just over half an hour, is understood to have taken place at the Prime Minister’s request.


Objective Infinitive Construction:

1. Russia wants the US to lift sanctions imposed on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait.

2. We expected the long-term agreement between Russia and the EU to be signed in the nearest possible future.

3. The Washington Administration consider this item on the agenda of the Congress to be of utmost importance.

4. The UN declared Europe to be the zone free of all kinds of nuclear weapons.

5. In the period of 1939 – 1940 the US and some other states watched Hitler occupy many European states one by one, without making any step to stop him.

6. The UN cannot make all member states refrain from use of threat or force in inter-state relations.

7. The people of Russia expect a majority of newly elected MPs to support their fight against bureaucracy.

8. We want political and legal methods to prevail in solving whatever problems may arise.

9. A Palestinian said his torturers wanted him to say the communists were terrorists.

10. Anyone who heard the Russian President speak would have been left in no doubt about the way things are going to develop in future.

11. Public opinion in the country made the opposition leader get the Foreign Minister to arrive at a settlement with his foreign counterpart.

12. The wife of the assassinated Swedish Premier confronted the man accused of his murder and said she had seen him stare at her dying husband after the shooting.

13. Only 11 per cent of Britons want the Government to press ahead with Trident submarines if the US and Russia agree to half their long-range nuclear missiles.

14. According to the poll 33 per cent of Britons want the Government to cancel Trident if the US and Russia make a 50 per cent reduction in their strategic weapons.

15. Other observers believe murder to be just one element of a much wider strategy by local reactionary businessman in their thirst for new markets.

16. Officials said that there were still issues to be discussed with PLO wanting the Israeli troops to withdraw from the occupied Arab territories.

17. The Council of Ministers confidently expected a majority of the MPs to support their plan for the country’s renovation.

18. The recent session of the UN General Assembly declared the use of nuclear weapons to be a direct violation of the UN Charter.

19. Everybody thought that the US President would try to get the French President to begin negotiations with the Iraq issue.

20. He remained dubious whether the most powerful members of the UN would allow such a process to develop.


For-to-Infinitive Construction:

1. “It’s unwise and futile for some foreign countries to try to exert pressure on China through political and economic means,” said a foreign office spokesman in Beijing.

2. Now the very rumour that a nuclear power station might be build in the area is enough for a public campaign to be mounted against it.

3. It is for the US military to evaluate Russia’s state of preparedness for war.

4. The first thing for the US President to do is to follow Russia’s initiatives in solving the Iraqi problem.

5. It’s neither for Russia nor for the US to decide the destiny of other countries and people.

6. “It’s high time for the torrents of words to be accompanied by the daily hard labour,” said one of the delegates.

7. The present plans are for the Government to make a statement by the end of the State Duma.

8. Calls came yesterday from the leaders of the Labour Party and the Liberal Party for the next year to be made the year of struggle against Tory domestic policy.

9. He dismissed calls by some right-wing politicians for Latvian territory to be integrated into NATO.

10. The draft constitution will be discussed in the assembly next week where two thirds of the deputies have to agree for it to be adopted.

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