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Box. If necessary, find out what they mean.


a) a la carte h) cordon bleu o) plat du jour
b) a la mode i) de luxe p) plongeur
c) bouquet garni j) digestif r) saute
d)brut k) en pension s) soupcon
e) chambre 1) hors-d'oeuvre t) table d'hote
f) chateau m) maitre d'hotel u) traiteur
g) chef de cuisine n) nouvelle cuisine w) vinaigrette


1. I like champagne, but this one is rather sweet for me. I prefer

_______ .

2. I'm glad you enjoyed the meal. Would you like a _________?

3. Here's the menu. We also have a _________ which is mackerel

in white wine with spring onions.

4. My first job in the kitchen was as a _________. Nowadays we

have a dishwashing machine.

5. We serve the salad with a simple _________.

6. I usually have the set menu, but this is a special occasion, let's go


7. I love apple pie _________ — it's the combination of hot and

cold that I find irresistible .

8. This is an excellent red, bottled on the _________.

9. The restaurant has improved enormously since Larry Duval be­

came the _________.

10. We're investing a lot of money to create a restaurant which of­

fers a genuinely _________ service.

11. Add some ground chilly, but not too much. Just a _________.

12. Red wine should normally be served _________.

13. If you want to have dinner in the hotel we have a special

_______ price which is very economical.

14. We _________ the mushrooms in butter with garlic and black


15. A real _________ chef can make very good money in London.

16. There's the _________which is a set price of £ 18.90 for three


17. They complained to the _________ about the service they had


18. We use a _________ to flavour the soup.

19. I'm not crazy about _________ I'm usually still hungry after I

fin­ish dinner.

20. While we were looking at the menu we were served Atlantic

prawns with mayonnaise and an endive salad as an ________.

21. Almost everything is prepared in our own kitchen except that we

use a _________ for patisserie.


Idiomatic English.

4.1 Study the list of idioms and say what they mean in Russian:


The apple of (one’s) eye thin-skinned
Apple polisher to beef up
An egghead To compare apples and oranges
A ham To get to the core of
A hot dog To go banana
A hot potato To go to pieces
A lemon To han it up
A peach to have other fish to fry
A peaches-and-cream complexion sour grapes to hear it through the grapevine
The top banana to make a pig of (oneself)
A tough nut to crack to spill the beans
One bad apple spoils the barrel as American as apple pie un apple-pie order to have other fish to fry


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