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A hobby is something that you enjoy doing in your free time. I think that hobbies help you not to waste your spare time doing nothing. Most people choose a hobby to their lik­ing.

One of the most popular hobbies is collecting things. This may include collecting badges and stamps, bottles or flowers. Wealthy people collect works of art or even cars.

As for me, I used to collect coins in my childhood. My col­lection includes more than five hundred coins from all over the world. My grandfather collects stamps. His father started the stamp collection and then my grandfather inherited it. There are very old and rare stamps in his collection.

Making things is another type of hobbies. This includes handicraft, drawing, painting, etc. For example, one of my friends sews clothes for dolls. My brother makes toy trains. His collection is growing day by day.

Playing computer games has become a very popular hobby both with children and adults. My cousin loves computer games. On the one hand, it is nice that a person has such a hobby, but on the other hand, it can do harm to health.

Sport can also be a hobby. I don’t mean professional sport, but amateur sport. Some people play tennis, football or volley­ball. Others prefer watching sport programmers on TV.

Personally, my major hobby is reading. I am very fond of detective stories and mysteries. It is very hard for me to pass by a bookshop, and I can spend hours there! I read books not only in Russian, but in English too. New e-readers are becom­ing more and more popular in Russia, but I think that there is nothing better than paper copies of books, so I don’t have an e-reader.

Listening to music is my other hobby. I have a big collec­tion of CDs with different kinds of music both Russian and international. I also have some favourite composers and I col­lect information about them.

There are people who don’t have hobbies, but they still have their own ways of spending free time. My friend likes travel­ling and he spends most of his free time travelling across Russia. He goes to nearby towns and cities by car and to far­away places by train or even by plane.

As for me, I like playing computer games and watching TV in my free time. Most of all I like educational programmers, especially about technology. In general, I consider it neces­sary to have a hobby or favourite things to do, because in this case you don’t waste your time doing nothing.


1. What is a hobby?

2. What types of hobbies do you know?

3. Do you have a hobby?

4. What hobbies do your family members and friends have?

5. What do you usually do in your free time?

6. Is it really important to have a hobby? Why (not)?

7. Do you know any unusual hobbies?

8. What hobby do you consider most interesting?

9. Have you ever collected anything' in your life?

10. Can learning foreign languages be a hobby? Why (not)?


astrology collecting coins/stamps completing a jigsaw cooking dancing embroidery fishing gardening horse riding knitting listening to music making models martial arts painting photography play chess/cards/a musical instrument/on the computer/ computer games reading books/ comics/magazines sculpting/sculpture sewing singing taking up sports woodworking   астрология коллекционировать монеты/марки собирать пазл кулинария танцы вышивание рыбалка садоводство верховая езда вязание слушать музыку собирать модели боевые искусства рисование фотография играть в шахматы/карты/на музыкальном инструменте/на компьютере/ в компьютерные игры читать книги/ комиксы/ журналы заниматься скульптурой шитьё пение занятие спортом работа по дереву



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