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Modern Entrepreneurs

John and Mary (0) are (to be) in many ways typical of young entrepreneurs today. They have their own business, a hamburger restaurant in a shopping centre in the South of England. They already (1) _______ (to have) a staff of over 40 people, because although the restaurant is quite small, it has (2) __________ (to stay) open for long hours.

They bought the business a couple of years ago and spent (3) ____________ (the/a/-) few months (4) ___________ (to work) so hard that they rarely (5) ___________ (to see) any of their friends. But once they (6) ________ (to get used) to the way the restaurant worked, they did not have to work such long hours and (7) ___________ (to be able) to take more time off. Since then they (8) _________ (to improve) efficiency by installing a new computer system.

The restaurant (9) ________ (to be) very successful, and despite the competition from another fast food restaurant nearby, the number of customers (10) ___________ (to increase) steadily. As a result, they are planning to enlarge the restaurant by (11) _______________ (to buy) the (12) ____________ (hairdresser) next door and turning it into another seating area.


Task 2Last weekend your friends and you went shopping to a big supermarket.

Write a letter to your sister/brother about it mentioning:

· what you were shopping for;

· what things you liked and disliked in the supermarket;

· what goods you bought;

· who accompanied you while shopping.

Start your letter with: Dear Adam/Catherine, ……………….. Best wishes!





Task 1Read the texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes. An example (0) has been done for you.

0-A Camp Bournedale

Camp Bournedale is the premier boys summer camp in New England, entering into its 70th season in 2009. We are located on beautiful Great Herring Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Camp Bournedale combines superb facilities with caring, motivated counselors who ensure a safe, rewarding summer is had by all. Offering a wide variety of exciting program areas, campers can select their daily schedule based on their personal interests. We also offer intercamp challenges, offsite overnight camping trips, and much, much more ... Capacity: 140. Type: Residential. Cost/Wk: $650-999.

Camp Walden

At Camp Walden, our campers experience the best friendships that they have ever made and EXPLORE new challenges and new adventures. They have the opportunities to excel in sports, the arts and most importantly, in life. Our goal is tl1at they enjoy the greatest summer ... every summer.

Camp Walden is located in the heart of the Adirondacks, set on pristine Trout Lake. It is just a 3 hour drive from the metro NY area and minutes from Lake George, a popular NY vacation destination. Our campers enjoy structured, well rounded programs, as well as weekly optional periods.

Camp Type: Residential. Year Established: 1931. Gender: Coed.

Age of Campers: 7 to 16 years old

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