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People have different attitude to cloning. Some of them think that cloning opens new possi­bilities, while others are convinced that it is morally unacceptable.

Scientists have always dreamed of reproducing exact copies of animals and even human beings. They have already succeeded in this field and created Dolly, the first cloned sheep, and many other animals. But the question of cloning, especially human one, still remains controversial.

Personally, I think that cloning plants and animals is rather interesting and exciting. Cloned ani­mals may be strong and healthy and they may produce more wool, meat or milk. Besides, cloning will help us preserve species that are on the brink of extinction. Moreover, cloning gives people new medical possibilities. Owing to it, scientists can create organs for transplantation and save people who need a new heart, liver or kidneys.

However, quite a lot of people are against cloning. They say that people must not interfere in the process of creating a new life because it is the duty of nature. What is more, scientists don't know for sure how clones will behave and what diseases they may transmit. As for human cloning, it seems to be dangerous and morally unacceptable.

To conclude, I think that science must develop in order to improve our lives. But people should be more careful when they use new technologies and investigate new phenomena. So to my mind, cloning must be used only when it is necessary to save lives and to solve important prob­lems.


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