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Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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Exercise 5. Explain the use of the genitive case.

1. For four months, since in the canteen she saw Jon's tired smile, he had been one long thought in her mind. (Galsworthy) 2. Agnes was at her wit's-end. (Lindsay) 3. Since his illness, however, he had reluctantly abandoned this attempt to get twentyfour hours’ work out of each day. (Murdoch) 4....the Radicals' real supporters were the urban classes. (Galsworthy) 5. To Elizabeth it seemed that the lines with which fear had falsely aged his face were smoothed away, and it was a boy's face which watched her with a boy's enthusiasm. (Greene) 6. For his honor's sake Torn has got to commit suicide. (Saroyan) 7. They were to leave the house without an instant's delay and go at once to the river's edge and go aboard a steamer that would be waiting there for them. (Buck) 8. And he lifted his strange lowering eyes to Derek's. (Galsworthy) 9. I was encouraged when, after Roger had proposed the guest of honor's health, Lufkin got up to reply. (Snow) 10. "Where are the children?" "I sent them to mother's." (Cronin) 11. Philip heard a man's voice talking quickly, but soothingljr, over the phone. (/. Shaw)12. Presently Rex was on his two miles' walk to Offendene. (Eliot) 13. That early morning he had already done a good two hours' work. (Galsworthy) 14. Bowen sat on the veranda of Buckmaster's house. (Amis) 15. Crime is the product of a country's social order. (Cronin) 16. I spotted the bride's father's uncle's silk hat on the seat of a straight chair across the room. (Salinger) 17. I spent Christmas at my aunt Emily's. (Braine) 18. We took some bread and cheese with us and got some goat's milk up there on the pasture. (Voynich) 19. He was still thinking of next morning's papers. (Snow) 20. Why, for God's sake, why must we go through all this hell? (Saroyan) 21. A man stepped out from a tobacconist's and waved to them, and the car slid to the kerb and. stopped. (Greene) 22. A woman's love is not worth anything until it has been cleaned of all romanticism. (Murdoch) 23. Her skin was as dry as a child's with fever. (Greene)



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