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Exercise 1. Insert the appropriate form of the infinitive.

1. But there was nothing now __ for. (to wait) (Wilson) 2. She put on the cape, and turned round __ (to admire) (Cain) 3. He appeared __ (to listen) (Lessing) 4. He appeared __ plenty of money, which was said __ in the Californian goldfields. (to have, to gain) (Conan Doyle) 5. "When I seemed __ a long while, the Master of Salem House unscrewed his flute into the three pieces, put them up as before, and took me away, (to doze) (Dickens) 6. Every feature seemed __ since he saw her last, (to sharpen) (Galsworthy) 7. This fellow seemed __ a famous explorer or something of that sort, (to be) (Priestley) 8. The house appeared __ recently... (to repair) (Hardy) 9. Nobody seemed __ his entry, but there he certainly was. (to perceive) (Hardy) 10. Paula would be the first concentration camp __ by American troops, (to liberate) (Heym) 11. Willoughby was not the man __ the lessons of his predecessor. (to overlook) (Heym) 12. A twelve year old girl, Patience Barlow, was the first __ his attention or __ by him. (to attract, to attract) (Dreiser) 13. One might guess Mr. George __ a trooper once upon a time, (to be) (Dickens) 14. I suppose Mr. Jelleby had been more talkative and lively once; but he seemed __ long before I knew him. (to exhaust). (Dickens) 15. Dave seemed __ Stephanie, waiting for her to make the first move, (to watch) (Saxton) 16. For the last few days she seemed __ to nobody but strange men. (to talk) (Priestley) 17. I lack the will-power __ anything with my life, — my position by hard work, (to do, to better) (Durrell) 18. There's no time _. (to lose) (Clark) 19. And, in a 140 very little while, the Murdstone and Grinby life became so strange to me that I hardly believed in it, while my present life grew so familiar, that I seemed __ it a long time, (to lead) (Dickens) 20. Roger Quaife was a youngish Concervative member who was beginning __ about, (to talk) (Snow) 21. He is said __ a small fortune, (to put away) (Durrell) 22. That Jolyon seems __ in 1710, son of Jolyon and Mary, (to be born) (Galsworthy)



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