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Обсудите высказывания (1-9), сделанные обвиняемыми. Подберите для каждого высказывания вид совершенного преступления, представленного в рамке.


blackmail burglary embezzlement bigamy forgery espionage piracy murder bribery


1. “I arrived home late and found that I’d forgotten my keys. I didn’t want to wake my wife up, and I saw there was a ladder in the garden of the house next door. I got the ladder and climbed in. We've just moved house and I didn't realise I was in the wrong street”.


2. “I was walking my dog when I saw the gun lying on the ground. I picked it up - it was still warm - and at that moment I saw the body lying in the long grass. I went across to look and it was my business partner. That’s when the police arrived”.


3. “I opened the bank account in a false name as a way to help my employer pay less tax- It’s perfectly legal. I kept meaning to tell him, but somehow I just forgot. I bought the villa in France with my own money. It was an inheritance”.


4. “OK, so there are a hundred and twenty-three copies of ‘ Four Weddings and a Funeral’. That’s perfectly true, but I had no intention of selling them. I'm a collector. "Well, this obviously isn’t my suitcase. I’ve never seen these things before in my life”.


5. “I didn’t know she was still alive, I thought she’d died in a car accident. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her walk into the room. Surely you don't think I did this just to get your money?”


6. “You misunderstand me. When I offered him the money I meant it as a gift. I know that life can be difficult for a young man on a police salary, especially if he has a family, young children etcetera. It isn’t easy and I know that. I just wanted to help. I didn’t expect him to do anything in return”.

7. “After leaving the office I realized I’d forgotten my umbrella. I went back in to get it. When I went in I noticed that the photocopier was still turned on. It had been working very badly all day, and I decided to quickly see what was wrong with it before going home. I made a few test copies of documents that were in the office; I didn’t even look at what I was copying. The machine seemed to be working much better. I put the copies in my briefcase - intending to use the other side as notepaper. I don’t believe in wasting paper. At that moment Mr Sanders came out of his office”.


8. “I painted them for pleasure. I had no intention of deceiving people. I never said they were by other people. Yes, I did include the signatures of other artists but that’s because I wanted them to be perfect copies”.


9. “Mr Wills sent me the money to help me in my business venture – I’m trying to start a design agency. He sent me checks every month for $1200. A couple of times he sent extra when I had special expenses. It was always understood that he would participate in the profits of the business when it was running. We didn't write anything down, it was an oral agreement. The photographs I have of him with his secretary have no connection with these payments”.



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