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to ask, to order, to tell,to beg,

to remind, to warn, , , , . not.

John said, Please, type this letter, Mary.

John asked Mary to type the letter.


Switch off your mobile phones, the pilot said.

The pilot told us to switch off our mobile phones.


He said, Be quiet.

He ordered us to be quiet.


Dont swim too far, children, she said.

She warned the children not to swim too far.


Please, let me watch the match, Mum, Mike said.

Mike begged his mum to let him watch the match.


Exercise 6. Report the requests and commands.

0. The flight attendant said, Dont put your bags in the aisle.

The flight attendant told us not to put our bags in the aisle.

1. The manager said to his assistant, Dont be late for the meeting.

2. Open your mouth wide, the dentist told me.

3. Bring us the bill, please, the couple asked the waiter.

4. Call me from the airport, Peter said to Jane.

5. The mother told her children, Dont talk to strangers.

6. Please open the window for me, the woman asked the young man.

7. Dont forget to buy some milk, Andy, said Clare.

8. Make sure you dont take the A 20 in the rush hour, Tim, said Jack.

9. Please turn the music down, they asked their neighbor.

10. Diana said, Dont forget to post my letter, will you, Sue?


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