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Exercise 5 Make up sentences from the table.

1. Are you interested 2. Do you feel 3. Do you have time 4. He insisted 5. He passed his exams 6. How 7. I apologize 8. I like walking 9. I sometimes dream 10. I’m fed up 11. I’m not capable 12. I’m tired 13. She succeeded 14. She talked 15. She’s keen 16. She’s very good 17. Thank you 18. We’re excited 19. We’re thinking 20. Why don’t you come out with us 21. You can’t live about as well as at besides for in in spite of instead of like of on with without answering that child’s questions. changing her job, but I don’t think she will. coming to Greece with us? convincing the police that she was not a burglar. cooking. disturbing you. eating. going out to a restaurant tonight? having time to read all my books. helping me? looking after the children? moving to Canada. not doing any work. paying for everything. playing football. seeing George next week. selling things. staying at home? swimming and dancing. telling me the truth. understanding this – it’s too difficult.


Exercise 6 Join two sentences to make one sentence.

Model: Don’t worry about it. It’s no use. – It’s no use worrying about it.

1. Don’t try to escape. It’s no use. 2. Don’t smoke. It’s a waste of money. 3. Don’t ask Tom to help you. It’s no good. 4. Don’t hurry. It’s not worth it. 5. Don’t study if you’re feeling tired. There’s no point. 6. Don’t read newspapers. It’s a waste of time. 7. Don’t get angry. It’s not worth it.


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