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Read the text and complete gaps 8-13 with sentences A-G. There is one extra sentence that you don’t need to use. Write the answers on your answer sheet.

What time is it? To answer that question today, all we have to do is look at a watch or clock. It wasn’t always that simple, however. For thousand of years, people have wanted an accurate way of telling the time, (8)____________________________.


We know that the ancient Egyptians had sundials, (9)______________________. It is thought they also had a way of measuring time using running water. The ancient Chinese also developed non-mechanical ways to measure the passing time.


The first mechanical clock appeared around the 9th century. This did not have hands as modern clocks do, (10)_______________________.

The first reasonably accurate clocks were developed in Italy in the 13th century.


Unlike modern clocks, they did not tell the time to the nearest minute; rather, they announced when an hour had passed. Table clocks became popular in the 1500s. They usually only had one hand, which had four possible positions each hour, (11) _________________________.


In 1657 the pendulum clock was invented. Although Galileo came up with a similar idea first, it is Christian Huygens (12)_________________________. Since then, сlocks have become more and more dependable. Today, each of us carries a mobile phone or wears a watch (13)___________________.


  1. but rang a bell to tell the time
  2. who is generally considered to be an inventor
  3. allowing you to tell the time to the nearest fifteen minutes
  4. which requires sunlight to work
  5. where the first clocks were developed
  6. apart from looking at the position of the sun
  7. which can be relied on to be accurate

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