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(To Units One—Three)

19. Name the oblique moods used in the following sentences and translate the sentences into Russian:

1. If I were young I should have a walking holiday. 2. If I were you I should pay no attention to what she says. 3. The vase is beautiful. You wouldn't find another to match it if you tried. 4. If you hated sick people you wouldn't be a doctor, dear. 5. They say Frank has changed greatly. — Oh, yes. You would hardly know him if you met him. 6. If I had known that, I shouldn't have come. 7. We should never have found the house if a passer-by hadn't helped us. 8. If you had left earlier you would have caught the tram. 9. If you had taken the medicine the doctor prescribed you, you would feel better now. 10. If you had read the article I recommended, you'd know how to answer such questions.

20. Comment on the mood of the verb in the following sentences:

1. I'll help you if I can. 2. Shut the door after you! 3. She did not know where she was and what had happened. 4.1 remember it so clearly as if it had happened only yesterday. 5. She promised she would be calm. 6. She wouldn't be calm if she knew what has happened. 7. She said she didn't know me. 8. Don't look at me as if you didn't know me. 9. The article was not difficult and I could translate it. 10. If I had a dictionary I could translate the article. 11. If I had not told him, he would never have known. 12. She was sure I had not told him the bad news.

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