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Artificial light can be produced in several ways.

This process may be affected by other factors.

You will be able to explain the disagreement between these results.

Much fuel must always produce much heat.

The old machines in this shop are to be replaced by next year.

The defects in this metal construction had to be detected by means of X-ray


IV. Перепишите и письменно переведите 1, 2 и 3-й абзацы текста.

ERNST MACH ( 1838 – 1916 )

1. Ernst Mach, an outstanding Austrian physicist, was born on the 18th of February, 1838 in Turas, Moravia ( now Czech Republic ). He was the son of a schoolteacher who moved with his family to Vienna while Ernst was still a baby. His training was in physics, and he obtained his doctor’s degree in that subject at the University of Vienna in 1895.

2. However, he was strongly influenced by psychophysics and became a philosopher of science. He elaborated the notion that all knowledge was a matter of sensation. Mach’s philosophy was not greeted with any enthusiasm in his time. More than thirty years later Mach’s idealistic theory was analyzed and criticized.

Mach is best known now for his experiments on airflow, in which he was the first to take note of the sudden change in the nature of the airflow over a moving object as it reaches the speed of sound. Consequently, the speed of sound in air, under given conditions of temperature is called Mach 1. Twice the speed of sound is Mach 2, and so on. After the war, planes approached the speed of sound ( 740 miles an hour ) or Mach 1. In the age of supersonic air travel, Mach numbers ( a phrase first used in 1925 ) fill the public prints.

4. Ernst Mach died in Germany, on the 19th February, 1916.

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