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EXERCISE 1. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1.Her phone has been ringing for ten minutes. Why doesn’t she answer it? 2. How long have you been waiting for me? I have been waiting since 9 o’clock. 3. How long have you been wearing glasses? – For five years. 4. Why are you dirty with paint? – I have been painting the roof. 5. It has been snowing for three days. The roads will be blocked if it doesn’t stop soon. 6. We have been having a test since 11 o’clock.

EXERCISE 2.Open the brackets and put the verbs into the Present Continuous or the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

1. Don't come in. He (take) an exam. He (take) his exam for half an hour already. 2. Where are the children? – They (play volleyball). They (play volleyball) since two o'clock. 3. I (learn) to type for a month and can say that my typing (improve). 4. Nick (come) round to see us tonight. 5. He (stay) at his sister's for six weeks. He (try) to find a flat to live in. 6. We can't dance as my father (work) in the study. He (prepare) a report. He (write) it for the whole day. 7. They still (discuss) the article? But they (do) it since twelve o'clock! 8. What a strong wind (blow)! It (blow) since yesterday.


EXERCISE 3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.

1. I (try) to get into contact with them for a long time, but now I (give) it up as hopeless. 2. My shortsighted uncle (lose) his spectacles. We (look) for them everywhere but we can't find them. 3. You ever (work) as an interpreter? – Yes, that is what I (do) for the last five months. 4. Our pilot (ask) for permission to take off for ten minutes already, but he (get) no answer yet. 5. I (know) them since we met at Ann's party. 6. You (open) the door at last. I (ring) for an hour at least, it seems to me.

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