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D Tick the correct sentence, as in the example.


1 a: A fish is less noisier than a cat. b: A fish is less noisy than a cat. V 2 a: Lions are not as bigger as hippos. b: Lions are not as big as hippos. 3 a: Going to the zoo is more entertaining watching TV. b: Going to the zoo is more entertaining than watching TV. 4 a: Cheetahs run faster than zebras. b: Cheetahs run as fast than zebras. 5 a: Was the film as exciting as the book? b: Was the film as more exciting as the book? 6 a: My hair is less dark than yours. b: My hair is not as dark as yours. 7 a: A zebra’s neck is long as a giraffe’s. b: A zebra’s neck is not as long as a giraffe’s. 8 a: Are dogs more loyal than cats? b: Are dogs loyal more than cats?  
4. Listening

4a Look at the website below. What kind of organization is it?

a business an academic institution a charity a government department

4b Which link A-E do you click on for the following information?

1 people who kill animals illegally

2 special accommodation for animals

3 caring for ill animals

4 animals that are not free

5 saving animals from danger


4c Listen to the two parts of the conversation and answer the questions.

Track 06. Track 07.


1 In what order does Neil describe the photos A-D?

2 Which photo does he recommend for the website?

Background information: the AAI Website Manager, Neil, is choosing some photos for the new AAI website. He needs to discuss them with the Communications Director, Katie. However, she is in the Congo and she does not have access to the Internet to view the photos. Neil telephones her to describe them and make his recommendations.

4d Listen to the first part of the conversation again and complete Katie’s notes. Track 06.

Whale pictures

1) There are 1)______ whales close to a beach. Two men are 2)_______ whale off the beach. Loads of 3)_______ watching.

2) On the left, we can see the large 4)_______ of a whale. Two people throwing 5)_______ on the whale. Pic is 6)________ 1st pic is best – a 7)________ of people working together, they look very 8)_________ - more dramatic.

4e Listen to the second part of the conversation again and complete Katie’s notes. Track 07.

Bird pictures

1) Man in the 1)______ passing a 2)______ to someone on beach.

2) People 3)______ a bird. Woman in 4)______ shirt holding bird, woman on the 5)______ cleaning bird.

1st pic more 6)______, makes you 7)______ the situation.

2nd pic shows what experts 8)______, but not very 9)______.

4f Complete these sentences from the conversation. Then listen again and check.

1. In the first one, _____ are four whales that are close to the beach.

2. There are loads of people _____ the background.

3. On the left of the picture, we can _____ the large head of a whale.

4. On the right, there are two people _____ are throwing water on the whale.

5. They _____ very professional.

6. He’s _____ a bird to someone.

7. The second one _____ some people who are cleaning a bird.

8. The bird’s _____ the middle of the picture.

9. There’s another woman _____ the left.


5. Speaking

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