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1. Paul is getting on very well at school.

2. Where are you making for with this ladder?

3. Excuse me, could you put me through to the Sales department?

4. What are you looking for? Have you lost anything?

5. Sam doesnt get on well with his sister. They are always falling out .

6. I couldnt make out a word. His handwriting was really illegible.

7. The thieves made off with the stolen fur coats.

8. They were arguing so hotly that I couldnt put in a word.

9. Mike was ill for a fortnight and fell behind his class. He needs help to catch up with the other pupils.

10. Guess, who I ran into today! It was Mr Pitt who taught us Maths at school!

11. The car broke down and we had to walk 12 kilometres.

12. I came across a most original necklace at the jewelers.

13. Ann has been going out with Sam for a year. I think, they are going to get married.

14. I can no longer bear it! Im completely worn out!

15. Ted is coming on Saturday. Im looking forward to seeing him.

16. The poor lad took to drugs and had to be taken to hospital.

17. When they say Never give in they mean that you should never lose hope.

18. Sam was too tired to do anything else, so he put off writing the essay till tomorrow.

19. Just imagine! John has been nearly run down by a lorry! God saved him!

20. I was taken aback by her sudden decision but didnt show my astonishment.


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1. When you've been away, it takes a long time to catch up on the local news.

2. The boy is so naughty! What on earth will he get up to next?

3. I am not the person you take me for.

4. Our plan fell through because of lack of money.

5. I tried calling you several times but I couldnt get through.

6. Sorry for interrupting you, but could I put in a word?

7. The princess speaks English fluently but her pronunciation lets her down.

8. The plane took off with a jerk and rose into the air.

9. Where are you making for with this ladder?

10. She always looks through her notes before the exam.

11. The director is going to take on a new History teacher.

12. There came a knock on the door and the old lady rose to let in the visitor.

13. The guys arent brave enough to face us. They will give up without a fight.

14. Im putting by part of my wages every week to buy a bike.

15. Hes very disappointed about not getting the job but hell get over it.

16. Why dont you two kiss and make up?

17. How long have Tom and Lucy been going out together?

18. Its too late to put off the party now. What shall we tell the guests?

19. Im not going to put up with their smoking any longer.

20. I told the kids a story making it up as I went along.

21. Things will get easier as time goes by.

22. Firefighters soon put the fire out.

23. Im not interested in u-shu any longer. Im going to take up yoga instead.

24. Im looking forward to seeing our new English teacher. They say he is a whiz. Everyone looks up to him.

25. The authorities have shown no signs of giving in to the kidnappers demands.

26. How does he get by on such a small salary?

27. Ann is really very sociable. She gets on just fine with her classmates.

28. The operation gave the little hare back the use of his legs.

29. After changing fierce looks the rivals went at each other.

30. Dont be taken in by the witchs charm. She is ruthless.


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