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Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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William and Philippa

William and Philippa were students. Some people, it is said, fall in love at first A22 ______, but that was not what happened to them. They hated each other from the moment they met. This mutual hatred began at the first tutorial of their freshman term. Both had A23 ______ with major scholarships to read English language and literature. Each had been reliably assured by their schoolteachers that they would be the star pupil of their year. A24 ______ students had such prospects.

Their tutor, Simon Jakes of New College, was amused by the competition that so quickly developed between his two brightest pupils. He skillfully used their hatred to bring out the best in both of them. He never A25 ______ it. By the end of their first year, they were far ahead of other students.

In their second year, they became even more hostile. When they were both awarded A-plus for their essays on Shakespeare, it didn’t help. Simon Jakes told his colleagues that he had never had a brighter pair up in the same year. They taught each other most of the time and he A26 ______ acted as a referee. It A27 ______ as no surprise to anyone that, as the examiners felt unable on this occasion to award the prize to just one person, they A28 ______ decided that it should be shared by William and Philippa.

1) Many 2) Much 3) Little 4) Few

1) dissatisfied 2) disappointed 3) regretted 4) apologized

1) came 2) got 3) fell 4) went

1) achieved 2) arrived 3) reached 4) completed

1) look 2) glimpse 3) sight 4) view

1) however 2) nevertheless 3) therefore 4) although

1) rarely 2) merely 3) nearly 4) hardly


Sir Alexander Heathcote was an exact man. A22 ______ people were like him. He was exactly six feet three-and-a-quarter inches tall, rose at seven o’clock every morning, joined his wife at breakfast to eat one boiled egg cooked for precisely four minutes, two pieces of toast with one spoonful of Cooper’s marmalade, and drink one cup of China tea. He used to take a carriage from his home in Cadogan Gardens at exactly 8:20 and A23 ______ at the Foreign Office at promptly 8:59, returning home again on the stroke of six o’clock.

Sir Alexander had been exact from an early age, as he was the only son of a general. But, unlike his father, he chose to serve his queen in the diplomatic service, another exacting calling. He A24 ______ in progressing from a shared desk at the Foreign Office in Whitehall to third secretary in Calcutta to minister in Peking. He was delighted when Mr. Gladstone A25 ______ the opportunity to represent the government in China. For some time he had been A26 ______ in the art of the Ming dynasty. This appointment would present him a perfect chance of A27 ______ in their natural habitat some of the great statues, paintings and drawings he had previously been able to admire only in books.

When he arrived in Beijing, Her Imperial Highness wished him a successful term of office in his appointment and then the audience A28 ______ to an end.

1) involved 2) interested 3) fond 4) keen

1) got 2) brought 3) came 4) went

1) proposed 2) approached 3) offered 4) suggested

1) reach 2) arrive 3) come 4) enter

1) fulfilled 2) achieved 3) managed 4) succeeded

1) observing 2) noticing 3) remarking 4) looking

1) Many 2) Little 3) Few 4) Much

Philip and Michael

Philip Masters was a millionaire now. A22 ______, everyone in the club was aware that he had built up his own business from scratch after he had left his first job as a kitchen salesman. “Ready-Fit Kitchens” had started in a shed at the end of Philip’s garden. Later, he A23 ______ in building a factory on the other side of town that employed more than three hundred people.

Ten years later, the financial press speculated that Philip’s business was worth a couple of million. When five more years later the company was taken over by the John Lewis Partnership, Philip got seventeen million pounds. A24 ______ businessmen were as lucky as he was.

Philip was married for more than twenty years. He had fallen in love with Sally at first A25 ______. Now Sally was chairman of the regional branch of the Save the Children Fund. Their son had just won a place at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Michael was the boy’s godfather.

Michael Gilmour could A26 ______ be a greater contrast. On leaving school, where Philip had been his closest friend, he A27 ______ to find a permanent job. He started out as a trainee with Watneys, but lasted only a few months. Then he started to work as a reporter with a publishing company. He drifted from job to job. A28 ______ Philip, he married his childhood sweetheart, Carol West, the daughter of a local doctor. They had a daughter. Michael seemed to have settled down at last.

1) Therefore 2) Moreover 3) However 4) Although

1) simply 2) nearly 3) hardly 4)merely

1) fulfilled 2) succeeded 3) managed 4) achieved

1) Therefore 2) Moreover 3) However 4) Although

1) Like 2) Alike 3) Familiar 4) Similar

1) lacked 2)missed 3) failed 4) lost

1) view 2) sight 3) look 4) glimpse

1) Little 2) Many3) Much 4) Few



Music lessons:

A22-tell (выражение Tell the truth)

A23- used (обычно делал что-то в про­шлом (used to))

A24-did (It did them no good — это не принесло им пользы)

A25- invented (Инструмент изобретенный человеком)

A26- up (cдаваться, бросать — give up)

A27- through (go through- пройти, преодолеть)

A28- admit (не согласился —didn't admit)

Busy Day

А22-worry (worry — беспокоиться)

A23 -broke (The glass broke into pieces — разбиться на кусочки)

А24- look for (искать)

A25- search (поиск)

A26- keep smb. (Удерживать)

А27- silent (didn't keep silent — не молчал)

A28- tired (looked tired — выглядел усталым)

Philip and Michael

А22- However (По смыслу и запятая)

А23- Succeeded (Succeeded in doing sth)

А24- Few (Немного — с исчисляемым существительным)

А25- sight (Выражение — с первого взгляда — at first sight)

А26- hardly (could hardly)

А27- failed (Fail to do smth — не смог сде­лать что-то)

А28- Like (Также как.... — like)


А22- off (See him off — провожать его)

А23- cabin (Cabin — каюта)

А24- travel (Выражение — travel agency)

А25- help (He couldn't help thinking — не в состоянии перестать думать. Устоявшаяся фраза)

А26- reached (Had reached the station — достиг станции)

А27- way (Take all the way to)

А28- at (Arrived at — прибывать)

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