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The President of the US

Everyone thinks of the President of the United States as (0) D man in the western world. But when the (21) ___ of the 13 former British colonies met to draw up the constitution of the new country in 1788, a number of them were not sure (22) ___ they needed to have a President at all. There were even a few who (23) ___ a king, (24) ___ their successful war against the British king, George III. The decision was in doubt (25) ___ the last moment. One group wanted to (26) ____ the President for life, while another suggested that there should not be a President, because a Committee would (27) ____ the country better; the third group would have liked a President (28) ____ term of office would last seven years but who could not stand for re-election, because they were afraid he would (29) ____ his time looking for votes at the next election. In the end they chose George Washington as President for four years and let him stand for re-election because they (30) ____ him.


0 A the powerfullest B more powerful C less powerful D the most powerful  
  A members B representatives   C founders D chairmen
  A how B when   C whether D as
  A would have preferred B will prefer C will have preferred D would be preferred  
  A instead of B in spite of C despite of D in front of  
  A to B by   C after D until
  A select B choose C elect D pick out  
  A drive B govern C operate D manage  
  A whose B which   C that D with
  A have B give up C waste D spend  
  A distrusted B committed C trusted D confided  


Task 1 Read the text below. Complete the story with the correct forms of the words in brackets. Write your answers on the lines. An example (0) has been done for you.

Was It a Terrible Mistake?

She (0) stood (to stand) by the window for a few minutes, (1) _____________ (to look) at the trails of smoke rising up from the (2) _______________(chimney) above the houses into the grey morning sky. A bus (3) ________________(to stop) on the road between her house and the village in the valley below. Watching the line of passengers (4) ______________ (to get on) one by one, she (5) _______________ (to feel) envious of them. They could go to work, but she (6) ____________ (to leave) at home to look after the baby and do the housework.

She (7) ____________(to walk back) into the sitting room. She had not even begun to tidy up, but somehow she could not (8) ______________ (to find) the energy for it this morning. She (9) _____________ (to have) a terrible night and (10) ______________(to wake up) by the baby so many times that all she wanted to do was go back to sleep. But she knew that it would not be possible.

Then she heard the baby crying again. "Oh no, not again," she sighed to herself. As she (11) ______________ (to walk) upstairs, she began to wonder whether (12) _____________________(to marry) Gerald and having a child had all been a terrible mistake. But she knew that it was too late to change things now.

Task 2 Your friend has recently moved to another city /town. In his/her letter he/she wrote about the numerous problems he/she has at his new school. Answer his/her letter and concentrate on the following aspects:

· give him advice on how he/she can gain new friends;

· share your own experience of being a newcomer;

· think of possible ways of solutions of his/her problems;

· ask him /her about positive things at his new school.

Start your letter with: Dear Willy / Stella, ………………………………..Best wishes!




Task 1 Read the texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers in the boxes. An example (0) has been done for you.

0 Make Yourself At Home

We'd like to thank all our guests who insisted on making themselves at home.

J.D. Power" and Associates recognizes Homewood Suites for "Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Extended Stay Hotel Chains".

Business travelers, especially business travelers, tend to have special needs. Most important of which is the desire to be themselves. At Homewood Suites by Hilton we understand this and are happy to accommodate. We must be doing something right. HOMEWOOD SUITES. HILTON

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