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The notion of a supraphrasal unity its prosodic features

The unit coming next to an utterance in the above-mentioned hierarchy is a supraphrasal unity (SPU).

There arc constant prosodic markers distinguishing initial, median and final phrases in the unity. These are the features of pitch , loudness and tempo An important feature marking the boundary of a supraphrasal unity is a pause which is considerably longer than any of the pauses separating the phrases within the unity. It is the so-called three-unit pause.The degree of semantic completeness of the utterances within a supraphrasal unity is reflected in the degree of finality of its nuclear tone. The last utterance in a unity normally has a falling nuclear tone with the lowest ending point while the fall in the non-final phrases doesn't doesn't generally reach the bottom of the voice-range.


17. The system & sphere of usage of emphatic static & kinetic tones

Emphatic tones are used in speech for two main purposes: 1) to increase the semantic prominence of separate words in an utterance or that of an entire utterance; 2) to attach an emotional colouring to an utterance. Emphatic tones are modifications, or variants, of basic kinetic and static tones. Emphasis applied to a tone increases the force of articulation on the syllable carrying the tone and the effect of loudness. It also changes the pitch characteristics, moving the upper point of a kinetic tone upward and the lower point of it downward, thus widening the interval of the pitch-change. In the case of a static tone emphasis displaces the 'normal' pitch-height of the tone upwards or downwards.

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