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Classification of phonetic styles on suprasegmental level.

uprasegmental level of Phonetics is represented by Suprasegmental phonemes. Suprasegmental phonemes are formed by such components of the sound matter of the language as the time, force, pitch. They are also distinctive functional units. The class of Suprasegmental phonemes is subdivided into accentual, intonational, junctual.

Accentual phonemes (word stress)

The word-stress fulfills the following functions:

constitutive (helps to organize sound continuum into words)

recognitive (helps to identify syllables as an accentual pattern of a word)

distinctive (helps to distinguish the meanings of words: a present - to present)


Classification of phonetic styles on segmental level. Stylistic modifications of sounds.

Styles of speech according to the purpose of communication.


2) academic(scientific)

3) publicistic(oratorical)

4) declamatory (artistic)

5) colloquial(familiar)

1) Using the informational style the speaker ought to be careful not to distract the listener by what he is saying (TV-announcers). Written representation of oral and prepared speech.

2) Scientific style is used in lectures or science subjects or when reading out loud a piece of scientific prose. The purpose is to attract the listener’s attention to what is the most important in the lecture.

3) Publicistic style is used by politicians, the purpose is to except the influence of the listener to convince him of something, and make him accept the speaker’s point of view.

4) It is used in reading poetry, prose aloud, in stage speech to appeal to the feelings of the listener.

5) Conversational formulae familiar of everyday communication are used in speech of friends within similar groups. It can have a wide range of intonation patterns.

Traditionally 2 types of pronunciation are distinguished according to the style of speech: formal and informal.

Formal speech suggests dispassionate information on the part of the speaker. It is characterized by careful articulation and slow speed. This style has different names:

· careful colloquial style;

· formal slow colloquial style;

· normal speed colloquial style;

· full style.

Informal speech is used in everyday conversations. The following definitions are also used:

· rapid colloquial style;

· conversational style.

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