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Exercise 28. Translate into English.







1. Она отложила в сторону письмо, которое писала, и задумалась. 2. Она пошла на почту отправить письмо, которое написала накануне. 3. Все еще спали, когда зазвонил телефон. 4. В саду никого не было. Пахло свежескошенной травой. По-видимому, садовники косили. 5. Сад потерял свою прелесть: садовники скосили всю траву. 6. К счастью, он не заметил ее воспаленных глаз и не догадался, что она плакала. 7. Сью внимательно наблюдала за Джонси, когда та открыла глаза. 8. Сью, которая некоторое время наблюдала за своей больной подругой, подошла к ее кровати. 9. Она отложила в сторону книгу, которую читала. 10. Она написала письмо и читала книгу. 11. Пеготти уронила чулок, который она штопала. 12. Пеготти отложила чулок, который уже заштопала.








1. Нежданов до того удивился, что даже не поднялся с пня, на котором сидел. (Тургенев) 2. Одинцова опустилась на то же самое кресло, на котором сидела накануне. (Тургенев) 3. В это время один офицер, сидевший в углу комнаты, встал. (Лермонтов) 4. Она [Елена] быстро захлопнула книгу, которую читала, и отошла от стола. (Достоевский). 5. Лена выпустила его руку, которую минуту тому назад так крепко сжимала. (Чаковский) 6. Глаза у Сергея покраснели и чуть припухли. Неужели он плакал?.. (Слепухин)


Exercise 29. Comment on the use ot the Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous.

1. Women








to commit suicide for love, but generally they take care not to succeed. (Maugham) 2. You probably



haven't seen

her since those summer holidays when Mum and Dad were abroad. (Christie) 3. Gerald, if you



Are going away

with Lord Illingworth, go at once. Go before it




me: but don't ask me to meet him. (Wilde) 4. There's the car. Arnold's



Come back

. I must go and bathe my eyes. I don't want them to see



I've been crying

. (Maugham) 5.



I am seeing

the other nurse, Nurse O'Brien, to-day. (Christie) 6. As she turns to go, she finds that Bella



Has entered




Is staring

at her and her father with impassive hatred. (Gow and D’Usseau) 7, Bella is a Negro woman of fifty who



Has been

in the Langdon home for twenty-four years and thus




a favored position. (Gow and D’Usseau) 8. "You



Are being

very absurd, Laura," she said coldly. (Mansfield) 9. When



I've taken off

my things we shall go into the next room and have tea. (Mansfield) 10.








things on the spur of the moment to ray own inconvenience and other people's. (Maugham) 11. He has all the virtues. Dr. Ramsay, Miss Glover, even Mrs. Branderton



Have been drumming

his praise into my ears. (Maugham) 12. Fatty came over to Lanny's table. A fat, cheerful Greek with laughing wrinkles at the sides of his eyes. "You're alone to-day," Fatty said. Lanny nodded and lit a cigarette. "



I'm leaving

to-night." "Leaving?" "Yes, Fatty.



I'm going

home to the Karroo." (Abrahams) 13. D'you know that Robert Qldham and Caroline



Have been

madly in love with one another for the last ten years? They'



Ve waited

all this time, and now at last Caroline is free. (Maugham) 14. This will be the death of her when she




it. (Dreiser) 15. You




told my learned friend that you



Have known

Mr. Pickwick a long time. (Dickens) 16. He is always




the law. (Shaw) 17. "It is Mrs. Sedley's coach, sister," said Miss Jemima. "Sambo, the black servant,








the bell." (Thackeray) 18. She



doesn't like

me... She's always




sharp things to me. (Christie) 19. "I think you



Are being

very wise. A complete holiday, a complete rest, that is what you need.








where you



Are going

?" "



I've changed

my mind," I said. "



I don't think I'm doind away

after all." (Murdoch) 20. Ah, Miss Marple. Good morning. Glad you'



Ve come

. My wife's



Been ringing





like a lunatic. (Christie) 21. A woman never acknowledges such a nondescript age as forty-eight unless she



Is going

to marry a widower with seventeen children. (Maugham) 22. "By the way, you'



Ve been talking

about me. I see it written in your faces. Your silence tells me all. I could even guess what you've



Been saying

..." "You'



Ve been listening

," Gladys cried, making a face at him. (Priestley) 23. You



Are being

far too romantic about it. (Hilton) 24. "Do you like me at all, Bertha?" he asked. "



I've been wanting

to ask you ever since you came home." (Maugham) 25. Years



Have passed

since we began this life. (Dickens) 26. I'



Ve been making

some sandwiches. Won't you come up and have some? (Christie) 27. I cannot imagine why I'



Ve lived

thirty years with a man I dislike so much. (Maugham) 28. "Antonia



Has been telling

me about your flat," said Rosemary. "It sounds ideal. And there's a heavenly view over to Westminster Cathedral." (Murdoch) 29. We'



Ve been going

to pictures about twice a week ever since. (Maugham) 30. I'



Ve flown

a kite every Saturday afternoon ever since I was a kid and I'



M going

to fly a kite as long as ever I




to. (Maugham) 31. I




this is an old story, I



don't understand

it myself and if I set it




in black and white it is only with a faint hope that when



I have written

it I may get a clearer view of if. (Maugham) 32. Who



Is coming

to tea? (Wilde) 33. "I don't know what's been the matter with me. I'



Ve been

so miserable, Eddie..." "You've



Been crying

." (Maugham)


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