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Exercise 32. Comment on the use of the Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous.

1. The cook




to snatch away the letters from home, before she [Ma Parker]



Had read

them. (Mansfield) 2. As she neared the kitchen, Chris came from the garage where he'



D been attending

to a lorry with a magneto trouble, wiping his hands on some waste. (Lindsay) 3. She








herself that the only rational course was to make Edward a final statement of her intentions, then break off all communications. (Maugham) 4. I realized that he



Had come away

with me in order to discuss once more what he



Had been





for hours with his sister-in-law. (Maugham) 5. I saw that it was 2 o'clock. We



Had been



there an hour and a half. (Du Maurier) 6. It








dark when Arthur rang at the front door of the.great house in the Via Borra. (Voynich) 7. It was three o'clock. The wind



Had fallen

, the moon



Was shining

over the quiet sea. (Christie) 8. Every Sunday morning Ethel



Would read

aloud while Ma Parker did her washing. (Mansfield) 9. We'



D got

to Ruby's room by then. She wasn't there, of course, but she'



D been

there, because the dress she



Had been wearing was lying

across a chair. (Christie) 10. To take off her boots or to put them on




an agony to her, but it



Had been

an agony for years. (Mansfield) 11. Here I saw this man, whom I



Had lost sight

of some time; for I



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