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Exercise 1. Insert the appropriate form oi Participle I.

1. Derek, who had slept the sleep of the dead, __ none for two nights, woke __ of Nedda. (to have, to think) (Galsworthy) 2. The street was full of people, t- and __ home, (to laugh, to go) (Greene) 3. The gypsy smiled, __ his teeth, (to show) (Hemingway) 4. While __ my directions, he glanced at me now and then, suspiciously, from under his frost-white eye-lashes, (to obey) (Ch. Bronte) 5. __ them, he raised his coffee cup. (to watch) (Cronin) 6. It (the letter] contained very little matter, __ in haste; but the meaning was bulky enough, (to write) (Hardy) 7. He went upstairs again, __ past the door, and, __ his room, switched on the light, (to tiptoe, to enter) (Galsworthy) 8. The missionary, __ daily opportunities of looking at this seascape for thirty years or so, pays no heed to it, __ in trimming a huge red geranium bush. (to have, to absorb) (Shaw) 9. __ my back on him I started down the steps, (to turn) (Clark) 10. At that moment he was plunged in the depth of an easy-chair, __ to by Mr. Vandernoodt. (to talk) (Eliot) 11. There was only one candle __ on the rough board table. (to ficker) (Stone) 12. Boldwood, __ her comparatively isolated, came up to her side, (to see) (Hardy) 13. On the sultry platform of Grand Central he opened the bulky Times..., __ the valise on his feet, (to set) (Priestley) 14. Young Herndon had done preparatory work at Illinois College for a year but, not __ to the college proper, had returned home, (to admit) (Stone) 15. __ his hands and __ a towel over his face, he followed her down the stairs of the hushed house, (to wash, to pass) (Galsworthy) 16. Frank __ the step on the gravel, turned sharply round. (to hear) (Trollope) 17. She had not brought him money or position, __ no more than the daughter of a Wort ley doctor, (to be) (Cronin) 18. Abraham was back at the end of three weeks, __ an extra eighty miles, (to ride) (Stone) 19. Then swiftly __ neither to left nor right, she returned to Adrian, (to look) (Galsworthy) 20. And __ this in her official and impersonal tone of voice, the chambermaid then grinned, winked and vanished, (to say) (Priestley) 21. The campaign progressed uneventfully, from day to day, no longer __ in news broadcasts, (to mention) (Mailer) 22. __ that no one else was coming, Mr. Lincoln rose, (to see) (Stone) 23. __ dinner, Soames lighted the second of his two daily cigars, and took up the earpieces of the wireless, (to finish) (Galsworthy)



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