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Ценовые и неценовые факторы

Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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Exercise 6. Insert Participle I or II.

1. It was a windy day, and the air __ on Little Dorrit's face soon brightened it. (to stir) (Dickens) 2. He took a __ strip of paper from his vest and gave it to the reporter, (to fold) (Faulkner) 3. There was one bright star __ in the sky. (to shine) (Dickens) 4. He reminded you of a __ sheep __ aimlessly hither and thither, (to frighten, to run) (Maugham) 5. At one end was a group of beautiful women exquisitely __, __ diamonds on their heads and bosoms... (to gown, to wear) (Stone) 6. Maxim stooped, and picked up a __ petal and gave it to me. (to fall) (Du Maurier) 7. They came to the quiet little station __ by a single bulb, almost __ in a mass of oleander and vines and palmettos, (to light, to hide) (Faulkner) 8. She remained silent but her silence was like a question __ in the dark between them. (to hang) (Lessing) 9. With __ eyes he leaned back on the bench, (to close) (Байт) 10. We walked down the hall and down the wide thickly __ stairs, (to carpet) (Hemingway) 11. There were __ candles on the table, (to light) (Hemingway) 12. There was a long line of __ trucks and carts on the road __ up the bridge, (to abandon, to lead) (Hemingway) 13. A tall, thin man with a sharp pointed face sat at a table __ for dinner, (to lay) (Greene) 14. The voice had something __ in it. (to appeal) (Dreiser) 15. There was a balcony along the second floor __ by the columns, (to hold up) (Hemingway) 16. On the next afternoon Horace went out to his sister's, again in a — car. (to hire) (Faulkner)



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