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Exercise 7. Say where the predicate is simple and where it is compound (nominal or verbal).

1. Two young girls in red came by. (Mansfield) 2. Demetrius came alive and pressed a flock of inquiries. (Douglas) 3. And in many ways along lines you'd more or less approve, I am coming to feel the mill apart of myself. (Lindsay) 4. He tried to be both firm and friendly. I've felt dependent on him. (Lindsay) 5. He now felt only a confused ache of memory and a growing desire to be home. (Lindsay) 6. No one was there to meet Dick. He felt a twinge of disappointment. (Lindsay) 7. There was a silence but not an uncomfortable one. (Braine) 8. He was vaguely aware of his father standing by kitchen-range with his coat off. (Lindsay) 9. The day of our wedding came. He was to cal( for me to choose the furniture. (Mansfield) 10. A good reliable husband he'd make. And our Alice is a great one for wanting a place of her own. (Lindsay) 11. That made all the difference. The room came alive at once. (Mansfield) 12. "She sounds serious," Albertine insisted. "She keeps talking about it." (Kahler) 13. Not even her own children had seen Ma break down. She'd keep a proud face always. (Mansfield) 14. My lady keeps a list of the names in a little red book (Mansfield) 15. Charlie kept quiet. (Priestley) 16. Cedric Thompson stood a good three inches above me. (Braine) 17. For a moment I stood aghast, peering after her shadowy figure, and wondering what had taken her. (Weyman) 18. And then they sat silent for a few moments together. (Trollope) 19. I sat writing letters on a piece of paper with a pencil. (Haggard) 20. And for some time he lay gasping on a little flock mattress, rather unequally posed between this world and the next. (Dickens) 21. After many adventures I and a little girl lay senseless in the Bad Lands. (Haggard) 22. He seemed glad to see me. (Du Maurier) 23. At that moment everything in her life seemed to be a source of desperate anxiety. (Murdoch) 24. You can smile away till you split your cheek, but you still got to do a day's work to earn a day's wages. Apples don't grow on monkey-trees. (Lindsay) 25. She grew to know the two elderly men better than any other member of Eden's family. (London) 26. Yates grew impatient. (Heym) 27. She turned once more to Mr. Godfrey. (Collins) 28. Gwendolen turned pink and pale during this speech. (Eliot) 29. Mr. Bruff remained to dinner, and stayed through the evening. (Collins) 30. Michelangelo remained silent. (Stone) 31. I gave up the attempt and went upstairs to unpack. (Braine) 32. Michelangelo's knees went weak. He sat down on his bed. (Stone) 33. I looked at the photograph above the mantelpiece and saw my own lace for the first time. (Braine) 34. Giovanni looked crestfallen. (Stone) 35. He was beginning to sound really angry. (Murdoch)



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