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The Republic of Belarus is situated in the center of Europe. It borders on Russia to the east, Lithuania and Latvia to the north, Ukraine to the south, and Poland to the west. It stretches about 650 km from west to east, and 560 km from north to south.

Belarus covers the area of 207,700 square kilometres. It lies on the Great East European Plain, which stretches from Poland to the Urals. Most of the region is flat, with occasional hills and uplands. The highest points of the country are the mountains Dzerzhinskaya and Lysaya with the heights of 345 and 343 metres above the sea.

The republic has a developed hydrographical network - 20.8 thousand rivers and more then 10 thousand lakes. The country has four river basins: the Western Dvina basin in the north, the Nieman basin in the west, the Western Bug in the south-west, and the largest one – the Dnieper and its tributaries - the Pripyat, Berezina, and Sozh rivers - in the east, central, and southern portions of the country. The largest of the lakes is Naroch and the deepest one is Dolgoye, both are in the north of the country. Naroch National Park, Pripyat National Park, Braslav Lakes National Park and Berezina biosphere reserve are established to preserve the unique aquatic life of the regions.

Forests cover about one quarter of the land. They are mostly mixed deciduous and coniferous woods. The Belavezhskaya Forest Nature Reserve, in south-west Belarus, is the largest primeval forest in Europe, extending across the Polish border with a substantial proportion of its area lying in Belarus. The Belavezhskaya Forest has been on the World Heritage List since 1992.

The climate of the country is continental with moderating marine influences affecting the north-east. Average January temperatures range from -8° C in the north-east to -4° C in the south-west, with maximum July temperatures in the range 17-19° C. Annual precipitation averages 530 mm on the plains area and 710 mm on higher ground.

Task 2: Translate the marked paragraphs into Russian.


Task 3. Put the questions to the following sentences using prompts in brackets:

  1. Marine influences affect the north-east of the country. (Общий вопрос, Why …?)
  2. There are more then 10 thousand lakes. (How many …?, Альтернативный вопрос)
  3. The country has four major river basins. (Разделительный вопрос, What country …?)


Task 4. Fill in the gaps with indefinite pronouns some/any.

1. There is .... sugar in that jug. 2. I'm afraid there isn't .... bread left. 3. Is there .... one here who speaks German? 4. I'd like to buy .... new clothes but I haven't got .... money. 5. Are there .... messages for me?


Task 5. Fill in the gaps with indefinite pronouns somebody/ someone/something/anybody/anyone/ anything.

1. Marianna said .... but I didn't understand it. 2. "What's up?" - "There is .... in my eye." 3. Do you know .... about business? 4. I went to the shop but I didn't buy .... . 5. .... has broken the window. I don't know who.


Task 6. Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns myself/yourself/himself and so on.

1. They never think about other people. They only think about .... . 2. Be careful! That plate is very hot. Don't burn .... . 3. I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with .... . 4. I cut .... with a knife.5. I got out of the bath and dried .... with a towel.


Task 7. Make the plural form of the following nouns:

Mouse, spoonful, eye, fish, brother, deer, army, Frenchman, chimney, mother-in-law, potato, advice, formula, month.


Task 8. Insert the articles where necessary:

1. This is yellow pencil. 2. That text is easy. 3. This is easy text. 4. That is good idea. 5. Sky is blue and sun is shining. 6. What are you going to have for lunch? 7. Our apartment is on third floor. 8. Help! Fire! Somebody call fire brigade. 9. Who was first man to walk on moon? 10. Kevin lives in Coronation Street. 11. Have you ever been to National Theatre? 12. "Where are you staying?" - "At Intercontinental Hotel." 13. Milan is a large city in north of Italy.

Task 9. Form the comparative and superlative degrees of comparison from the adjectives:

1. long; 2. comprehensive; 3. young; 4. big; 5. old; 6. dry; 7. nice.




Task 1. Study the text.


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