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Зачеркните лишнее слово там, где оно есть. Обратите внимание на употребление артиклей.

1. Would you like a cup of coffee? 2. Boxing is a sport. 3. Mark is good at a painting. 4. Books are made of a paper.


3.2. Исправьте ошибки в предложениях:

1. Can you give me some cup of tea, please?

2. Be careful! The chair are broken.


3.3. Подчеркните правильный вариант:

1. The chair is made of wood/ a wood.

2. Could you give me an advice/ a piece of advice.

3. He watches all football matches/ matches of football.

4. Have you taken your luggage through customs / a customs.


3.4. Поставьте существительные во множественном числе:

journey_________________ mouse ___________________

money _________________ fish______________________

government _________________ thief______________________

party_______________________ luck______________________

potato______________________ idea______________________



4.1. Вставьте in, at, on, to или ничего:

1. He will come again ……… this afternoon. 2. We met ….… Wednesday. 3. We usually go to the cinema ……..the weekend. 4. I’ve read about our city …….. the newspaper. 5. This electric train stops …….. every station. 6. What time does this bus come……… Sochi?

4.2. Исправьте ошибки в предложениях:

1. I'll see you in 2 o' clock __________________________________________

2. He has been waiting since hours___________________________________

3. I'd like to go on the seaside_______________________________________

4. She always goes away on Christmas________________________________


4.3. Измените предлоги там, где нужно, или уберите лишние слова:

1. Put the computer into the table.____________________________________

2. Take the vase out from the chair.___________________________________

3. Our train is coming on the station.__________________________________

4. Why don’t you take the child from to the Zoo?________________________


4.4. Переведите словосочетания:

In the evening , in the early spring ,

in June , at 12 p.m. , at dawn ,

on Tuesday , by 10 a.m. ,

during the competitions _____________, for two weeks , from morning till night ,

after training , in a week , since Monday ______


4.5. Выберите правильный предлог:

1. I like to watch humorous programmes ……… TV (at, from, on, in).

2. We finished our translation ……… the end of the lesson (to, for, by, in).

3. I’ve studied here ……… last year (after, from, since, by).

4. Read the information ……… the screen (at, in, on, from).


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