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Exercise 14 Find participles and state their functions. Translate the sentences.

1. Not having bought tickets in advance, we had to go to the theatre long before the performance started. 2. Having finished the test, the students were allowed to leave the room. 3. The man making a report is a good speaker. 4. When asked about the exhibition held in the Gallery, the young man said that he had admired it greatly. 5. Being fond of skiing, John always joins us for skiing trips at weekends. 6. Having been given all the instructions, we began our work. 7. If sent away now, the letter will arrive the day after tomorrow. 8. Not knowing grammar, one cannot speak correctly. 9. Having been properly tested, the device was put into production. 10. The building of the new cinema being built in our street just now is of modern design. 11. Being divided into sections, the railway handles the traffic more efficiently. 12. Having been warned of the train collision, the dispatcher immediately sent a special train to the scene of the accident. 13. Being introduced on the railways, the automatic train control will facilitate both the work of the driver and dispatcher.


Exercise 15 Put in the correct form of the participles.

Model: Having filled up with petrol, we continued our journey.

1. I broke a tooth (bite) on a nut. 2. Michael drove home from work, (achieve) nothing all day. 3. I just had to stand there (stare) at by all those people. 4 (Look) round the museum, we went back to our hotel. 5. Every single sandwich (eat), there was no food left. 6. The drugs entered the country (hide) in a container. 7. (Search) the building, the police went away again. 8. (Catch) sight of Adam across the street, she waved at him.


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