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Exercise 6 Write one sentence instead of the given two using the Complex Object according to the model.

Model: I saw John every day. He often spoke with his girlfriend.

I often saw John speak with his girlfriend.

1. I watched the sun. It rose. 2. I heard him. He sang an English song. 3. We noticed a man. The man cleaned his shoes. 4. He saw two girls. They danced on the stage. 5. She watched the children. They ran about and played in the garden. 6. I saw her every morning. She arranged her hair carefully. 7. Every night we saw our neighbour. He listened to the news. 8. John heard his daughter. She talked loudly. 9. We saw Roger. He crossed the road. 10. They heard their father. He played the piano every night.


Exercise 7 Join these pairs of sentences, deciding when to use a bare infinitive or –ing.

1. She crossed the road. I saw her. 2. She was crossing the road. I caught sight of her. 3. Something’s burning. I can smell it. 4. They sang a song. I listened to them. 5. She was shouting at the children. I heard her. 6. I watched the man. He bumped into a woman and snatched her handbag. 7. We saw a group of men outside the pub. They were fighting. 8. We saw a man. He threw a brick at the shop window. 9. I heard someone. They broke down the door. 10. I observed a blue car. It was driving very fast towards the motorway. 11. We heard something. People were shouting and screaming. 12. I noticed a woman. She put two tins in her bag and left the store without paying.

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