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Exercise 11 Paraphrase the following sentences using the Complex Subject with the Infinitive.

Model: It is very likely that the prices for these goods will go up again in England. – The prices for these goods are likely to go up again in England.

1. It is certain that they will be here on Monday. 2. It is unlikely that the meeting will be postponed. 3. It is sure that they will come here. 4. It is believed that John has arrived in London. 5. It is known that Jack is good at painting. 6. It is reported that the spaceship has landed successfully. 7. It happened that I saw them at the theatre. 8. It seemed that her dinner party went on too long to her, as it did to you. 9. It is supposed that the students have already submitted their term papers. 10. It was said that the performance had been a success.


Exercise 12 Join these pairs of sentences, deciding when to use a bare infinitive or –ing.

Model: The team members have to work together. That’s what the boss told them. – The team members were told to work together.

1. The old man was wandering around the streets. The police found him. 2. The workers have accepted lower wages. The company has persuaded them. 3. Two men were fighting. We saw them. 4. The victims may take legal action. That’s what their lawyers have advised them. 5. The children had to pick up all the litter. The teacher made them do it. 6. The woman was smuggling cigarettes into the country. Customs officers caught her. 7. The refugees can’t get a job. The government won’t let them. 8. You shouldn’t have driven so fast. I warned you not to.


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