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Exercise 17 Translate the following sentences paying attention to the modal predicate.

Можливість: 1. The train is due at 5p.m., they may still catch it. 2. They might have returned from the expedition. 3. This question may not have been discussed yesterday. 4. You could hardly have passed him in the street without taking notice of him. 5. I don’t think the car can be repaired. 6. It could rain later this evening.

Вірогідність: 1. They left at nine, so they should have arrived by now. 2. This ought to be Pete’s book; it certainly isn’t mine. 3. Mickey ought to have won by a huge margin. 4. The weather should be fine tomorrow.

Логічне припущення: 1. He is very fit, though he must be at least sixty! 2. It couldn’t possibly be a poison. 3. They cannot know what the situation is in the country. 4. If A is bigger than B, and B is bigger than C, than A must be bigger than C. 5. ‘We went to Rome last month.’ ‘That must have been nice.’ 6. ‘Where can John have put the watch?’ ‘He can’t have thrown it away.’ 7. That was a bad place to go skiing – you could have broken your leg.

Критика: 1. You should have been nicer to Annie. 2. You could have passed your exam by now. 3. You could ask before you borrow my car. 4. I ought to have phoned Ed this morning, but I forgot.


Exercise 18 Complete the sentences, putting the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1. ‘What are all those people doing with those lights and cameras?’ ‘They (must / make) a film’. 2. ‘I wonder how the thief got into our apartment?’ – ‘He (could / use) the fire escape or he (might / climb) that tree’. 3. ‘I saw Harry waving someone off in a taxi.’ – ‘That (would / be) his cousin from Australia.’ 4. ‘It’s five past eleven. Ken and Cathy’s plane (should / touch down) in Kennedy Airport right now.’ – ‘Your watch (must / be) slow. It’s nearly half past. Their plane already (will / land)’. 5. ‘Bring very warm clothes. It (could / snow) when we arrive. It (can / snow) in the mountains even in summer.’


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