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Complete the following sentences.


1) The shape of the mold cavity depends upon the shape of the …. 2) It is better to use sand coarse for making …. 3) Mixing certain metals in metallurgy is known as …. 4) The type of the sand, water and clay content are important factors for …. 5) One of the necessary final operations in producing sand casting is …. 6) A certain amount of clay must be used ….     a) large works; b) pattern; c) cleaning the casting; d) surface; e) to make the molding sand strong; f) the process of alloying; g) the quality of molding sand  

Read and translate the following sentences. Compare the translation of the underlined predicates.

Note!Запомните, что сочетания глаголов be, have, should с последующим инфинитивом смыслового глагола выражают долженствование.


1) The casting is removed from the mold only after its being solidified. The casting is to be removed from the mold only after its being solidified.

2) We join two parts of the metal mold before pouring metal into it. We have to join two parts of the mold before pouring metal.

3) Clay is usually used to make the molding mixture strong. To make mixture strong clay should be used in certain proportion.

4) Metals used for permanent molds are refractory. They are to withstand the temperature of the liquid metal.


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