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Using information given in Text C give short answers to the follwing sentences.


1) Is it necessary to use the parting sand?

2) Is it always necessary to form vent holes?

3) Is it necessary to ram the mold properly?

4) Is it necessary to make all gates on top of the mold?

5) Is it necessary to use a riser?

6) Is it necessary to remove it then?


21. Answer the following sentences:


1) How is the surface between cope and drag called?

2) What sand is applied over this surface?

3) What is made in the mold for the escape of steam and gases?

4) What opening is formed on the top of the cope through which the molten metal must be poured?

5) What is formed in the mold to compensate for the liquid shrinkage of metal?


Find a suitable titles for Text C. Retell the text.

Put these terms in same order as the metal goes into molding cavity.


gate, gate sprue, pouring basin, runner.


Match the words with their translation under the line.


a) воздух, пар, газ__

gas, air, steam


b) соединять, соединение, соединительная поверхность

joint, to join, joining


c) литниковая воронка, вертикальный литник (стояк), горизонтальный литник, питатель .

gate, gate sprue, pouring basin, runner


d) часть, поверхность, поверхность разъема

surface, part, parting surface.


Make up synonymic pairs of words. Write them down.

parting surface, to ram, escape, joint, in the correct way, properly, come out, vent hole, to pack, a number of, opening, some.


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