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EXERCISE 2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense.

1. Have you seen my bag? I (search) for it all morning. 2. We (move) house tomorrow. Everything is packed. 3. They usually (change) jobs every five years. 4. What you (do)? – Nothing, I just (finish) my lunch. 5. Tony (leave) the house at 7.30 every morning. 6. Lenny (study) in the library for three hours. 7. You (drink) coffee with your breakfast every day? 8. I don’t need to wash my car. Jim already (wash) it for me. 9. This pie (be) delicious. Is it? I (not/taste) it yet. 10. Irene (talk) to her boss for an hour now. 11. You always (borrow) my textbooks. Why (not/bring) yours to the class? 12. I (be) busy recently. 13. Sonia (be) very clever. She (speak) six languages. 14. What you (wait) for? 15. Hi, I (not/see) you for ages. 16. He is wet. He (play) in the water. 17. I (not/been) here since 2011. 18. Your boss often (ask) you to work overtime? 19. We (fly) to St. Petersburg on the 7th of November. 20. Water (boil) at 100° C.

THE VERB – Past Forms: Level A

To be

Утвердительная форма Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
I was happy. Was I happy? I was not happy.
He She was happy. It he Was she happy? it He She was nothappy. It
We You were happy. They we Were you happy? they We You were not happy. They

EXERCISE 1. Fill in “was/were”.

Му aunt ... very depressed last Sunday. The weather ... terrible. It ... cold and rainy. Her hus­band ... not at home. Не ... at hospital because he ... sick. Her children ... not at school. They ... not in the yard, they ... in the living room. The TV ... broken. The children ... not only upset, they ... very angry. The neighbours ... not happy because her chil­dren ... too noisy.

The house ... not clean. The sink ... broken. There ... dirty dishes оn the kitchen table and in the sink. There ... nothing in the fridge. There ... nо vegeta­bles for dinner, there ... nо juice for her children. There ... not еvеn bread in the house! She ... tired and hungry. She ... just exhausted.

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