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EXERCISE 4. Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or present continuous.

1. Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat? (you/want)

2. Jill is interested in politics but she ….. to a political party. (not/belong)

3. Don't put the dictionary away. I ….. it. (use)

4. Don't put the dictionary away. I ….. it. (need)

5. Who is that man? What …..? (he/want)

6. Who is that man? Why ….. at us? (he/look)

7. George says he's 80 years old but nobody ….. him. (believe)

8. She told me her name but I ….. it now. (not/remember)

9. I ….. of selling my car. (think) Would you be interested in buying it?

10. I ….. you should sell your car. (think) You ….. it very often. (not/use)

11. I used to drink a lot of coffee but these days I ….. tea. (prefer)

12. Air ….. mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. (consist)

EXERCISE 5. Are the underlined verbs right or wrong? Correct the ones that are wrong.

1. I'm seeing the manager tomorrow morning.

2. I'm feeling hungry. Is there anything to eat?

3. Are you believing in God?

4. This sauce is great. It's tasting really good.

5. I'm thinking this is your key. Am I right?

The Present Perfect (have/has + V3=Past Participle)

Утвердительная форма   Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
I have written Have I written? I haven’t written
He She has written It he Has she written? it He She hasn’t written It
We You have written They we Have you written? they We You haven’t written They


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