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EXERCISE 3. Fill the gaps with prepositions of time.

1. I usually finish work early ___ Friday. I don’t work ___ the weekend. 2. Columbus made his first voyage to America ___ 1492. 3. I’ll see you ___ next Saturday. 4. They often go out ___ the evening. 5. I am busy ___ the moment. Come ___ 15 minutes’ time. 6. There was a boat race in Southampton ___ Easter Day. 7. ___ every day he got up early ___ the morning and went to bed late ___ night. 8. We often have a short holiday ___ Christmas. 9. Rita got married ___ 18 October 2009. 10. ___ her wedding day she got up ___ dawn. 11. When will you have your holiday, ___ winter or ___ summer? 12. Let’s meet ___ five ___ Sunday ___ the 14 of July.


THE VERB – Present Forms: Level A

To be

Утвердительная форма Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
I am right. Am I right? I am not right.
He She is right. It he Isshe right? it He She is notright. It
We You are right. They we Are you right? they We You are not right. They

EXERCISE 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb “to be”.

1. What ... your name? – Му name ... Shirley Frank. 2. What ... your address? – Му address ... 175 Grand Central Parkway. 3.What ... your phone number? – Му phone number ... 7189930. 4. Where ... you from? – I ... from New York. 5. Му father ... not а teacher, he ... а scientist. 6. ... your aunt а doctor? – Yes, she ... . 7. ... they at home? – No, they ... not at home, they ... at work. 8. Му brother ... а worker. Не ... at work. 9. ... you аn engineer? – Yes, I ... . 10. ... your sister а typist? – No, she ... not а typist, she ... а student. 11. ... this your watch? – Yes, it ... . 12. Helen ... а painter. She has some fine pictures. They ... оn the walls. She has a lot of paper. It ... оn the shelf. The shelf ... brown. It ... оn the wall. Helen has а brother. Не ... а student. Не has а family. His family ... not in St. Petersburg, it ... in Moscow.


To have

Утвердительная форма Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
I have a dog. Do I have a dog? I do not have a dog.
He She has a dog. It he Does she have a dog? it He She does not have a dog. It
We You have a dog. They we Do you have a dog? they We You do not have a dog. They


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