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EXERCISE 3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct future form.

Dear Carol,

Since you want to know what (1) ‘m doing (do) next week, I thought I’d write and let you know. It (2)___ (be) a very busy week. On Monday I (3) ___(go) to York. I (4) ___ (probably/be) there for three days, and by Wednesday I (5) ___ (meet) every important artist in the town. If everything goes well, I (6) ___ (go) to Newcastle on Thursday morning. There I (7) ___ (meet) the chairman of the Arts Council. Then on Friday and Saturday I (8) ___ (visit) several small towns in the area to see what their galleries are like. By Sunday I (9) ___ (travel) for days and I imagine I (10) ___ (be) very tired, so it looks like (11) ___ (not/come) to your party on Sunday night. Sorry! I hope you (12) ___ (invite) me to the next one.

Give my love to Mike.


EXERCISE 4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or “ to be going to”.

1.Where you (go) for your holidays? – I (go) to Norway. – What you (do) there? – I (fish). 2. Where you (go) this evening? – I (not go) anywhere. I (stay) at home. I (write) some letters. 3. Take an umbrella; it (rain). 4. How long you (stay) in this country? (Have you decided to stay?) – Another month. I (go) home at the end of the month. – What you (do) then? – I (try) to get a job. 5. I (dye) these curtains. – You (do) it yourself, or (have) it done? – I (have) it done. 6. I’ve seen the film, now I (read) the book. I’ve just got the copy from the library. (I haven’t started the book yet.) 7. You (do) anything next weekend? – Yes, my nephews (come) and I (show) them round London. – You (take) them to the theatre? (Have you booked seats?) – No, they’re too young for that. I (take) them to the zoo. 8. We (start) early tomorrow. We (go) to Ben Nevis. – You (climb) Ben Nevis? – Not me. Tom (climb) it. I (sit) at the bottom and (do) some sketching.

EXERCISE 5. Put the verbs in brackets into one of the following forms: to be going to and will + infinitive.

1.Where are you off to with that ladder? - I (have) a look at the roof; it’s leaking and I think a tile has slipped. 2. We bought our new garage in sections and we (assemble) it ourselves. – That sounds rather interesting. I (come) and help you if you like. 3. Leave a note for them on the table and they (see) it when they come in. 4. Why are you asking everyone to give you bits of material? – Because I (make) a patchwork quilt. 5. I’m afraid, I’m not quite ready. – Never mind. I (wait). 6. Do you have to carry so much stuff on your backs? – Yes, we do. We (camp) out and (cook) our own meals, so we have to carry a lot. 7. I’ve been measuring the windows. I (put) in double glazing. 8. You (wear) that nice dress in a dinghy? – Of course, not! I (sit) in a pier and (watch) you all sailing. I (not get) all wet and muddy and pretend that I’m enjoying it!


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