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EXERCISE 6. Use the following sentences as subordinate clauses. Use the sentences in brackets as main clauses.

(I supposed; He believed; She was sure; We were told; I heard; She said; He understood; She imagined; The letter said.)

Example: My brother will be sleeping.

I supposed that my brother would be sleeping.

1. He will solve the problem in no time. 2. The new film will be on in many cinemas. 3. The teacher will have corrected our papers by the beginning of the lesson. 4. She will not like this TV programme. 5. The train will arrive on time. 6. The children will be playing in the yard. 7. All the newspapers will publish this information. 8. They will win the game. 9. I shall go to the south. 10. My sister will not forget to ring me up. 11. I shall have done my homework by nine o'clock. 12. The tourists will not return by sunset.

Future Forms Revision: Level B

EXERCISE 1. Put ah verb in brakets into a form of will, be going to or presnt ontinuous.

a) Hav you hard th nws? Harry ( join) ___ th Army!

b) Sorry to kp you waiting. I (not b) ___ long.

) Aording to th wathr foreast, it (snow)___ tomorrow.

d) Im sorry I ant mt you tonight. I (go out) ___ with my parnts.

) areful! You (knok) ___ that jug off th tabl!

f) In fifty yars tim, most popl (probably rid) ___ biy1s to work.

g) Our tahr (giv) ___ us a tst tomorrow.

h) I (go) ___ to Manhstr at the nd of nxt wk.

i) Look out! You (hit) ___ that tr!

i) I think our tam (probably win) ____ .


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