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Negative and positive prefixes

Negative prefixes

prefix meaning example
un-     not unmagnetized
in- incomplete
im- impossible
il- illegal
ir- irregular, irrelevant
non- not connected with non-programmable
mis-   bad, wrong misdirect
mal- malfunction
dis- opposite feeling disagree
opposite action disconnect
anti- against antiglare
de- reduce, reverse demagnetize, decode
under- too little underestimate

Positive prefixes

prefix meaning example
re- do again reorganize
over- too much overloaded

2. Prefixes of size:

prefix meaning example
semi- half, partly semisphere
equi- equal equidistant
mini- small minicomputer
micro- very small microcomputer
macro- large, great macroeconomics
mega- megabyte

3. Prefixes of location:

prefix meaning example
inter- between, among interface, interactive
super- over supersonic
trans- across transmit, transfer
ex- out exclude, extrinsic
extra- beyond extraordinary
sub- under subschema
infra- below infra-red
peri- around peripheral

4. Prefixes of time and order:

prefix meaning example
ante- before antecedent
pre- prefix
prime- first primary, primitive
post- after postdated
retro- backward retroactive

5. Prefixes of numbers:

prefix meaning example
semi- half semicircle
mono- one monochromatic
bi- two binary
tri- three triangle
quad- four quadruple
penta- five pentagon
hex- six hexadecimal
sept(em)- seven September
oct- eight octal
dec- ten decimal
multi- many multiplexor

6. Other Prefixes:

prefix meaning example
pro- before, in advance program,
forward progress
auto- self automatic
co- together, with co-ordinate
con- connect


EXERCISE 1. Add the appropriate negative prefix dis-, il-, im-, in-, ir-, un-, de- to the words below.Начало формы

1. She was __able to take the test because she was really sick.
2. I can't go out today. I just got back from vacation and I really need to __pack.
3. Oh, my goodness! This horrible heat is going to __hydrate the poor players.
4. Are you __sane? If you do this jump you're going to die.
5. So you are simply going to __regard everything I told you about him and just go on this date.
6. I find it highly __probable that he will come to your party. He doesn't like crowds.
7. The accident caused __reparable damage to his car.
8. The worst enemy in a relationship is __trust.
9. I'm absolutely sure it wasn't Kate. She's __capable of something like that.
10. I don't think the police will be able to __arm the drug dealers.
11. Oh, Mary, you're so __grateful! He's always done so much to help you.
12. It's extremely __likely I'll do well on this test. I didn't study a thing.
13. Her father __approved of her dating John. He thinks John is a bad influence.
14. I believe this information is __accurate. This cannot be true.
15. I don't understand anything he says; he's so __articulate.
16. This table is __steady. I believe one of the legs is crooked.
17. I'm not sure if it's __legal. Why don't you ask your lawyer friend?
18. I love Jane! She's so fun and __complicated.
19. Oh, come on. You must agree this is absolutely __moral.
20. When you're done using the computer make sure to __connect it.

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