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In all cities there are large buildings, parks, museums and schools, but a lot of cities are famous for other things.

Sydney, city of music and city of beaches. Sydney1)______ in the southeast of Australia. The population is four million. In Sydney 2)______ an opera house and there are 3)______ lovely beaches. Bondi Beach is famous for surfing. Sydney is a fun city.
Mumbai, city of films. Mumbai is in the west of India. It’s a big city with over ten million people – 4)_____ a busy city. There isn’t 5)______ opera house, but the city is famous for films. In Los Angeles, there’s Hollywood; in Mumbai, 6)______ Bollywood. In Mumbai 7_______ a lot of cinemas – over 200! It’s 8)_____ exciting city. Venice, city of water. Venice 9)_______ in the northeast of Italy. It isn’t 10)________big city – the population is under 500,000. In Venice there aren’t 11)______buses or cars. Venice is a city of water. 12)_______ 150 canals and a lot of boats. It’s a beautiful city.

  3e Fill in a/an or be (in the correct form). 1 In London there is opera house. 2 There two international airports in New York. 3 In Edinburgh there any canals. 4 There isn’t harbour in Mexico City. 5 there any temples in Paris? 6 Are there any museums in Nairobi? – Yes, there.  

3f. Ask and answer questions with a partner about places in your (area) of the city, using the words from the vocabulary section? Use the model below.

- Is there a cinema in ….? - Yes, there’s. / - No, there isn’t. - Are there any parks in ….? - Yes, there are some/a lot of. / - No, there aren’t any.
4. Speaking: On the street

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