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B Match the phrases in the box with the appropriate point in the presentation plan.

Today I’ll be showing you/ reporting on … The subject / topic of my presentation is … Let’s now look at the next slide which shows … Are there any questions? My presentation will take about 10 minutes. There will be time for questions after my presentation. To conclude / In conclusion, I’d like to … In this part of my presentation, I’d like to talk about … I’d like to summarise what I’ve said so far … So much for point two. It’s a pleasure to welcome you today Let’s now move on / turn to … Well, that brings me to the end of my presentation. Let me just start by introducing myself. My name is … I’ve divided my presentation into three main parts.   1 Introduction a welcoming the audience b introducing yourself c introducing your topic and purpose d mentioning the structure, timing and question time of the presentation 2 The main part a saying what is coming b describing visuals c summarising every point e indicating the end of the section and moving to the next part 3 Conclusion a indicating the end of your talk b summarising points c inviting questions



1. Lead-in

A People who have grown up with PCs and microchips are often called the digital generation. Read what some people answered when questioned about the use of computers in their lives.

Computers: friend …

‘I have a GPS, Global Positioning System, fitted in my car. With this navigation system I never get lost. And the DVD recorder is perfect for my children’s entertainment.’


‘I use an interactive whiteboard, like a large touchscreen monitor, at school. I find computers very useful in education.’


‘Assistive technology, for people with disabilities, has helped me a lot. I can hardly see, so I use a screen reader, a program that reads aloud onscreen text, menus and icons.’


‘This new HMD, head-mounted display, allows me to watch films, and enjoy virtual reality, the artificial environment of the latest video games.’


‘The upgraded wireless network at my university is great: we can connect our laptops, PDAs and Wi-Fi cell phones to the network anywhere in the campus. Communication is becoming easier and easier.’

or foe?

‘Our society has developed technological dependence. When computers are down, our way of life breaks down: planes stop flying, telephones don’t work, banks have to close.’


‘Computers produce electronic waste, plastic cases and microchips that are not biodegradable and have to be recycled or just thrown away.’


‘They are responsible for health problems, e.g. computer addiction, an inappropriate and excessive use of computers.’


‘Cybercrime, crime committed with the help of computers, is creating serious problems.’


‘Citizens may feel a loss of privacy because of unauthorized use of personal data or receiving unwanted electronic messages.’



1b Make a list of the ways your family uses computers at work and in your free time. Can you think of any problems that using computers might cause?

2. Listening


2a Listen to these people talking about how they use computers at work and write each speaker’s job in the table. Track 11.

composer electrical engineer secretary librarian

Speaker Job What they use computers for


2b Listen again and write what each speaker uses their computer for.

3. Reading

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