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B Expand these predictions into full sentences.

1 In ten years’ time/a lot of people/connect their television to the telephone line

2 Portable PCs/replace/desktop PCs/in a few years’ time

3 With the help of computers/doctors/find/cure/AIDS and cancer/by the year 2010

4 By this time next year/software manufactures/make/hundreds of new programs

5 By 2020/post offices and bookshops/disappear

6 By this time next year/I/buy/handheld computer

7 By the year 2030/robots/replace/human labour in industry


5. Speaking

5a Think of a computerized machine you would like to invent. You may choose one of the machines below:

computerized fridge computerized car domestic robot computerized house


B Draw a picture of your machine and write notes to explain how it works.

Example: computerized fridge

What it does: speaks to you, phones shops to order more milk, eggs, etc.

Advantages: more convenient, less work, etc.

How it works: you tell the fridge what you want, etc.

C Work in groups. Speak about your machines, ask and answer questions about them.

Example questions:

What can you use it for?

Why is it useful?

How does it work?

What do you do first?

What do you do next?

Has it got any disadvantages?

5d Decide which of the inventions was:

· The most useful

· The most imaginative

· The silliest


6. Extra Activities: Artificial Intelligence

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