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Сопоставление зависимого и независимого причастных оборотов


Определите, какой причастный оборот употреблен в следующих предложениях, и в соответствии с этим переведите их:

1. The electric field between the plates being altered,
particles of a different velocity may be selected for study.

2. The metalsjbeing electrical conductors will make very
suitable electrodes.

3. The properties of the phosphides of heavy metals being
like those of alloys, they can easily be mixed with other
metals or alloys.

4. Natural gas is composed chiefly of methane, a compound
of carbon and hydrogen having the formula СH4.

5. The electricity is carried exclusively by the electrons,
the atomic nuclei remaining stationary.

6. The valency of radium being taken as equal to 2 from
its similarity to barium, its atomic weight appeared to be
about 226.

7. In English books, the forces acting on beams and other
structures are often expressed in kips, one kip being equal
to 100 Ib.

8. It is frequently said that the atom is a sort of miniature
solar system, with its electrons orbiting about the nucleus
as the planets orbit around the Sun.

9. The conductivity depends on the number of ions present,
the substance being more ionized in dilute solution.


10. The atmosphere always contains some moisture, the
amount varying not only from day to day, but from hour to

11. Consider a large number of wave trains, each of
infinite length, but differing slightly from one another in
wavelength and velocity.

11. Обстоятельственные обороты "причастие I + as it does (did)" и "причастие II + as it is (was)"

Обороты "причастие I + as it does (did)" и "прича­стие II + as it is (was)" переводятся на русский язык придаточным предложением с союзами: поскольку; так, как; когда; хотя и; и. В тексте эти обороты выделяются запятыми:

1. This subject is rather complicated, belonging as.it does
to theoretical physics.

Этот предмет довольно сложен, поскольку он от­носится к теоретической физике.

2. The article, published as it was in a small magazine,
remained unknown for a long time.

Поскольку статья была напечатана в небольшом журнале, она оставалась неизвестной в течение дол­гого времени.


Переведите следующие предложения, предварительно выделив со­ставные части причастного оборота:

1. The beams, passing as they do through a narrow slit,
are diffracted.

2. Giving as they did so much information about the
behaviour of planets, these experiments can be hardly

3. Certain reactions such as rapid oxidation, occurring as
it does only at high temperatures, may take place at very
low temperatures in the organism.

4. Dalton, believing as he did that gas pressures arise
from mutual repulsions of the molecules, took his law to
mean that a molecule was only repelled by like molecules.

5. The explanation given is by no means exhaustive,
ignoring as it does the social factor.

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