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Intangible asset accounts receivable short-term liabilities bank debts

1) Our balance sheet is not as strong as last year since we’ve … some heavy … on investments.

2) Most of the company assets consist of ... … from very risky customers and until they’re paid, it’s hard to be sure of their actual value.

3) Consulting firms usually have few … …, and their main … … is the reputation they’ve established.

4) Our … … have grown very quickly this year, as we expanded into new territories.

5) This year’s balance sheet shows that the company’s … … have been fully repaid.

6) Companies that … … for several years may be forced to stop trading at the Stock Exchange.

7) We’ve always taken a loss on our equipment sales, but we make it up by … … through after-sales service.

8) Net income is informally called the … … bottom line because it is typically found on the last line of a company's income statement.


Describing Trends

1. Study the words used to describe changes in economic indicators.

Verbs Nouns Verbs Nouns
to go up to increase to rise to grow to improve   an increase a rise a growth an improvement (a lot) to surge to take off to shoot up to soar to (sky)rocket to jump to leap   a surge     a jump a leap
to go down to decrease to fall (off) to drop to decline to slip to slide to get worse to worsen to deteriorate   a decrease a fall a drop a decline   a worsening deterioration (a lot) to plummet to plunge to slump to crash to collapse to sink to tumble to (nose)dive     a plunge a slump a crash    
No Change Change of Direction
to remain stable to stabilize to level off to stay at the same level to remain constant to stagnate   stabilization   stagnation to reach a low point to hit a low to bottom out to recover to rebound to revive   a low   a recovery a rebound a revival
Degree of Change dramatic – dramatically considerable – considerably substantial – substantially significant –significantly moderate – moderately slight – slightly Speed of Change rapid – rapidly steady – steadily gradual – gradually slow – slowly to peak to reach a peak to top out  
to fluctuate to undulate  
Prepositions to stand at from to … by … an increase of … Examples Sales stood at 3 million in January. Sales rose from 3 million to 7 million. Sales rose by 4 million (by 20%). There was an increase of 4 million over last year. There was a 20% increase in sales. Sales rose rapidly There was a rapid rise in sales. Sales rose dramatically. There was a dramatic rise in sales.

2. Fill in the blanks using the correct word to complete the sentences.

decrease fluctuate improve rocket stable

1. A time over which there is no change is a time when sales are _____.

2. If sales drop, it means they _____ .

3. Sales that go up and down several times over a short period _____ .

4. Another way to say sales went up very fast is to say they _______ ,

5. When there is growth in the market, sales ________.

3. Label the following parts shown on the graph.

fall fluctuation peak recovery `rise

4. Rewrite the sentences according to the model; mind the tense forms.

There was an improvement in the figures for April. → The figures for April have improved.

Sales have declined since June. → There has been a decline in sales since June.

There was a dramatic increase in sales. → Sales increased dramatically.

1) There was a steady rise in sales.

2) Our export sales collapsed suddenly.

3) There was a slight recovery in sales.

4) Sales peaked in the third quarter.

5) Sales stabilized by the end of the period.

6) Profits will certainly rise significantly.

7) The market has expanded slightly.

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